Yusaku Watanabe, Japan

Educated by the legendary Tsukamoto – explosive and agile as a lightweight, razor-sharp timing, all backed by tremendous force. Yasaku Watanabe maintains a significantly high level, and it will always be interesting to see what comes out of this fighter. It is also amazing to see what quality Watanabe has, when he reads his opponents, and perform counterattacks on their attacks.

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U-samling på Ringerike

Helgen 14-16 August var det samling for U-klassene på Ringerike. Ungdom fra store deler av landet deltok, og utbyttet var særdeles godt for alle måter. Som arrangør fikk man bryne seg tilstrekkelig på det å avholde en samling etter gjeldende rettningslinjer, med spøkelse om å avlyse hengende over seg – men alt må øves på!

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Poland vs Europe 2008

In 2008, related to the last performance of one of the absolute top Polish fighters in the history, a match up between Poland and the top fighters of Europe was held. At the time Poland did also contributed with their very best athletes, who actually held top European level. Some videos are to find, an fighters as Mariusz Mazur, Krzysztof Habraszka, Sylwester Sypien and more from Poland, as the European team had fighters as Alejandro Navarro, Jan Sokup, Viktor Teixeira to name a few..

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Mazovia MAX 70

Back in 2011, a highly professional tournament was held i Poland. Mazovia MAX 70, was i lightweight tournament with some of the best fighters in Europe. In the women division it was no limit regarding to the weight – so in that case we had an open-weight tournament. In both categories men and women, 1500 USD was the top prize!

Gabor Rozsa – Hungary (Photos (if not mistaken) MICHAL PUCHALSKI)
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Branko Bošnjak Memorial – results – from 1995..

Since 1995 the Branko Bošnjak Memorial has been “something else” Out from the perspective that almost every tournament are made for “one purpose only”, to appoint the best fighter. A tournament with a deeper meaning will for sure also give a deeper meaning. Results from the start – and up to now, women and men’s categories..

Fight Camp Denmark 2020

Either you have been here and know what this is – and then you will come back. And if you haven’t been here, you can only at least speculate on how the camp is. You have to feel it to believe it. Of course, it is many great camps around – but one need to create something special.. have the Danish Camp manage that? Well with twenty years a row, and waiting list to enter – the answer it quite clear!

Pictures by Elvira Gummesson
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