54th All Japan Open Karate 2022 – Winners!

Who can challenge the Japanese elite next year in the 13th World Open Karate Championship Shinkyokushin. Sky-high level in the 54th edition of the All Japan Open Karate Championship Shinkyokushin 24th and 25th December. Picture from WKO Shinkyokushinkai Facebook – visit for updates and official info

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Valeri Dimitrov vs Vladimir Artyushin x 2

We saw many good fights in the 7th World Championship last weekend. One of the absolute favorite fights for our sake was Dimitrov vs Artyushin. When you are slightly above average interested in this, you quickly remember whether similar fights have taken place – and yes, they met in The 4th World Championship as well. Want to compare the matches?

This photo are taken by the eminent Photographer Annika Peterson visit for amazing pictures!
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