Poland vs Europe 2008

In 2008, related to the last performance of one of the absolute top Polish fighters in the history, a match up between Poland and the top fighters of Europe was held. At the time Poland did also contributed with their very best athletes, who actually held top European level. Some videos are to find, an fighters as Mariusz Mazur, Krzysztof Habraszka, Sylwester Sypien and more from Poland, as the European team had fighters as Alejandro Navarro, Jan Sokup, Viktor Teixeira to name a few..

Unfortunately, you do not see much of this type of event anymore. Today’s focus and picture is World championship / Cup – Gran Prix or European championship / Cup / type of tournaments etc. And (as we have whined for before) it is with such a high frequency – that many other things suffocate. Many other tournaments like national open tournaments, are not surviving in the competitions to get support.

Anyway, this was held in 2008, and (far as we know) this was the official goodbye from the polish top fighter Sylwester Sypien. Everyone in the line up had a “champion-belt” or two – so this was a event with some unbelievable high level. And from what we can see, the setting was really about making a great event. The match was organised by Wroclaw ‘Masutatsu Oyama’ Kyokushin Karate Club led by Jacek Lamot.

Match ups:

  • Ewa Pawlikowska (Poland) vs Zurine Eciolaza (Spain)
  • Krzysztof Habraszka (Poland) vs Jan Soukup (Czech Republic)
  • Piotr Moczydłowski (Poland) vs Victor Teixera (Holland)
  • Michał Krzak (Poland) vs Alejandro Navarro (Spain)
  • Marcin Miller (Poland) vs Javier Lazcano (Spain)
  • Tomasz Najduch (Poland) vs Rudoph Conquet (Holland)
  • Sylwester Sypien (Poland) vs Mariusz Mazur (Poland)

Videos from: wicher Lab (No sound unfortunately..)