Lasha Ozbetelashvili, Georgia

Lasha Ozbetelashvili, Georgia – multiply European Champion, and one of the absolute top middleweight fighters in the European middleweight division. The middleweight division, a strong category that demands a all-round skilled champion – as Ozbetelashvili. The EFKO tittle prove that, five fights, facing top fighters as Salahat, Hayder and Móczó.

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Beklager, dårlig journalistikk

I det opprinnelige EM innlegg la jeg, Steffen Haukedalen, for mye og urettferdig vekt på klasse inndeling, antall og avvikling av dette. Dette satte utøvere i NKKO dårlig lys, og de ble fremstilt feilaktig. Alle utøver skal ha full respekt for deltagelse alltid overalt. Dette var feil og jeg beklager.

Dette gikk spesielt utover to av de beste utøvere vi har hatt på herresiden på kryss av alle organisasjoner den siste tiden: Björn Eirik Orstad og Eivind Nærland.

NKO har ingen ansvar for dette, kun jeg, Steffen haukedalen. 

Innlegget er selvsagt redigert, og med en merknad på dette. intensjonen var å belyse en organisatorisk trend vi ser i verden, noe jeg burde latt være.


Camp Banzai 2022, Sweden – write up!

Back on track after Covid and lock downs – Camp Banzai known how to push the right buttons to make people smile and enjoy the truth of Karate. This years version had two main instructors: Brigita Gustaitytė, Lithuania and Edit Abraham, Hungary. Banzai karate Kai, the organizer and creator of the camp – did once again pull of a event reaching deeper that the the physical aspect.

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Valeri Dimitrov vs Roman Nesterenko

The 3rd place play off in the 9th World Championship was a very interesting set up. Both fighters with significant wins during the tournament, both strong profiles winning their top tournament of their region in front. Dimitrov with his EC victory against Eduard Janoashvili in Lithuania, as Nesterenko became the champion of the Russian Open-weight,defeating top fighter Denis Grigoriev the year before.

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Are you dedicated?

“Even if the body deteriorates, the heart stays the same”

We often hear about dedicated people, and let ourselves be admired and motivated by them. In modern times, one can possibly say that there is a significant difference between true dedication and assumed dedication. This has probably always been the case. But due to the pressure from appearing perfect on social media, a strong factor is that you want to appear somewhat more dedicated than you really are. Especially among younger people, one can imagine. We take a look at someone one fore sure can call dedicated – and the most interesting things: how they mindset make this happen. Kaihōgyō 回峰行 ( “circling the mountain” ) The 1000 days challenge..

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