Davit Mskhaladze, Georgia

Davit Mskhaladze, Georgia – is a very interesting fighter. Runner up in the EC weight and EC Open Weight category – before being twenty years are not normal standard! 3rd in the World Championship -75kg as well. The skills and the dedication are clearly there – but an extreme activity tops this again, with participation in numerous tournaments. Photo: Okiem Sportowca 

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Mihiro Suzuki, Japan

Daughter of the legendary Kunihiro Suzuki – Mihiro Suzuki raises into the Full Contact Karate World – New blood with a large heritage. Reaching the final in the 53rd All japan Open at age 16 – challenging some of the best of the very best! Om the podium 7th JFKO All Japan Open (weight-category) The 54th All Japan Open Champion!

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Marek Wolny, Poland

Open weight champion 2022. In 2013 Wolny entered the EC podium for the first time – 3rd place European Championship in the light heavyweight, and 5th place in The 45th All Japan Open Tournament. Hard-working for many years, several podium places in different organisations, and been representing Poland for many years in the major tournaments. For many being seen as the proof of never giving up spirit in many extremely long and demanding fights. In Poland, known for hard fights in the Polish Championships with top fighters of the world as Maciej Mazur, Patryk Sypień with more.

Photo by one and only Pi-photo.pl Click photo for video-gallery of Marek Wolny