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In the world of Kyokushinkai there are many incredibly good performers. They are among the elite absolute are often profiled everywhere. Here we try to get to know even more practitioners of the hard-working Karateka. Here you will find active as well as veterans in the fighting game. This is Shinkyokushin video gallery   …more to come..

Profile pictures from WKO Shinkyokushinkai 

Eventas Gužauskas, Lithuania lith

World Champion 2022 Weight Category,European Champion in weight categories and in Open Weight  Also known for his incredibly strong finish in his matches, with a pressure, pace and power that is very difficult to resist. Good knock out set ups – like the high knee or the “death roll” that secured his EC tittle in 2018. Been national team member of the Lithuanian team for many years, representing them i European Championships and World championships across countries and organizations.

Mikheil Tsiklauri, Georgia geo

Over ten year ago Mikheil Tsiklauri capture the European tittle in the LW division. The EC final in 2009 was a great start – and a warning of things to come..second place the year after, before winning the EC tittle once again in 2011. After this he entered the podium 4 times, including going all the way winning the EC final in 2019 – for his third time (MW) Representing Georgia in the World Championships has also ended in good results, 3rd place in World Championship in weight-categories in 2017 – in the process beating All Japan Open Champion Shunsaku Kawase.

Benno Rasmussen, Denmark Den

If you look up “kyokushin veteran” in the dictionary, you most likely will see the same picture as we use here. Far as we know, took his 3rd place EC medal back in 1993 and being on the podium several times after that. Top 16 in the 6th World Championship. Became the EC champion in 2018, +40 cat. (Kyokushin Union) “Open” wins trough the years as Wales Open, French Open, Danish Open and more. Also being active in other tournaments within full-contact , winner of the 18th Challenge Spirit World Championship i 2012 as one of them. Coach for the Danish national team.

Dimitar Trampov, Bulgariabulgaria

Fighting for over thirty year, and fighting among the top level for so long – that alone will put Trampov in a “division” for himself. Being on the European podium more or less in a ten year period, and facing the absolute best – well that has been written before, but still going strong thirty year after? To be capable of doing so, one do realize that this is beyond the ordinary. Technique and understanding, and a fire inside that burn so strong that it will never fade. Strong figure in World Championships, the oldest competitor in 2015.

Anatolii Zhuravel, Ukraine

A very interesting young fighter with good all round skills, aggressive strong style combined with good techniques and combinations – and proven several times capacity to end fights before full time. Fresh off a solid win in the Szolnok European Cup 2017, being EC-22 Champions 2015/16/17. Runner up in the KWU EC in 2016, and made a very strong impression in the 11th World Championship in 2015, when he made it to the second day beating Japanese top fighter Kazuya Yamamoto among others.

konrad2017Konrad Kozubowski, Poland. poland

Is a very good performer who holds top level in both Kata and Kumite. This year, 2017, he noted 2nd place in Kumite and 1st place in Kata in the European Championship. In the EC context, he has been well-placed several times and also won the Kata class. Polish Champion more than one time in Kata and Kumite, and many remember a strong performance in Swedish Open, ending as the runner up in a Top European line up, light weight.

11335675846_dd34f692b6_z-kopiKembu Iriki, Japan. japanflag

Runner up in the 11th World Championship, and in 6th WC,winner of the 48th All Japan Open in 2016. Strong tournament fighter, capable to take much punishment, and systematic tear down his opponents with heavy low kicks. Winner of the 30th All japan Open Weight category, and also the JFKO Champion of the 3rd All Japan weight Category in 2016. Winner of the Mas Oyama Memorial in Hungary 2014.

Valdemaras Gudauskas, Lithuania lith

went through the U-22 EC tournaments, winning the tittle 2012, 2013 and in 2014. He continued his strong aggressive fighting entering the EC podium for seniors, also in 2014 (3rd place) Advancing the next years, and being European Champion in 2015/16/17. Also chosen to represent Lithuania in the 5th World Cup in 2013, and at the World Tournament in 2015,he advanced to the 4th round.

Salahat Hasanov ,Azerbaijan. 

With strong punches, good pressure and stamina to back it up,he has been one of the top U-22 fighters in the light/mid weight division.Moving up the weight classes as well moving in to the adult Championships, the result continues to come! At the EC podium 2013/2014,3rd place . European Champion in 2016,and World Champion in weight Categories 2017! 4th 1st WFKO International Tournament – 2018, 2nd in the EC same year

Edgard_SecinskiEdgard Sečinski, Lithuania. lith

Lithuanian national team, and one of the best fighter in the light heavyweight in Europe, and runner up in the EC in 2012 and 3rd place in 2014/16/17. With accurate punching and lethal high knees, Sečinski will always be a challenge to face. 7th place in the World Championship 2015. 3rd pace Open weight 2016. Champion EC 2019. Kwu world champion 2017.

Ferran Gandia, Spain.   

Incredibly spirited and very tough – hard punching fighter, one of the most distinguished Spanish Shinkyokushin fighters over a long period. Performing always solid, and anyone who meets this fighter, leaving the tatami with some “souvenirs” Have a positive mark in several Open Tournaments, as the French Open, Swedish Open, Spanish Open and Austrian Open, where he is to find the podium. Made it to the second day at the 11th World Championship 2015

Khasai MagomedovKhasai Magomedov, Russia russianflag

European Champion 2016 KWU and winner of  Kyokushin-Kan, Royama. 2015, He is also one of the best Russian fighters in the lightweight category. Performed well in 2014, 2nd place in the Russian Open Weight Championship and 3rd place in Mas Oyama memorial.  Russian champion several times, top three since 2012 Top 8th 1st WFKO International Tournament – 2018

Gabor_BuzasGàbor Bùzàs, Hungary. (Victory Gym)  hung

One of the real hard stayers in the Shinkyokushin game. Compact strong forward fighting style, and certainly bring the fight to you. physical challenge for anyone he meets on the mat. Bùzàs has been fighting the elite of fighters for several at years, and has proven time after time his enormous strength and spirit.

Vytautas Cepla

Vytautas Cèpla, Lithuania  lith

Fighting in the middleweight division,  has been the top three in Europe the last years. Runner up in the European Championships in 2013 and 2014, and third place in Open weight EC 2014. In the Mas Oyama memorial cup, he also manage to reach the final, and capture the 2nd place. 3rd in European Championship 2017, winning the British Open very convincing same year.

Zsolt_BaloghZsolt Balogh, Hungary. hung

One of the established heavyweight fighters in Europe. Zsolt Balogh has reached the podium in the European Championship several times, number two in 2011, only defeated by Valeri Dimitrov. Number three in 2009, 10 and 2015. He has also been among the top 8 in the Open Weight EC. And he has represented Hungary in the World Championship in Japan as the national team member he is.

Ilya_Yakolev - KopiIlya Yakolev, Kazakhstan. Kazak

Winner of the 8th Kokoro Cup in Poland and is also the reigning 15th Asia Open Championship Champion. Yakolev is a very competent fighter, very strong, movable and technical . His will is as expected also at the elite level. Manage to reach the podium in the 6th WC 2017, 8th place in the 12th WT. Kwf World Champion in and 6th 1st WFKO International Tournament – 2018


Vasil Vangelov, Bulgaria bulgaria

A strong punching fighter in the light heavy weight category. Proven to be one of the best in Europe, and also well known to make his way at the world stage. In the 10th World Championship Valgelov reach the top 16. Beating among others double European Champion Darius Gudauskas from Lithuania. Vangelov have also been at the European podium, runner up in the weight category and in the EC open-weight.

Artyushin2011-Vladimir Artyushin, Kazakhstan. Kazak

10th WT  showed high class and was among the top 16 in the world, and repeated this i 2015 in the 11th WT. Made an impressive comeback after leg break in All Japan Open.Going through the IFK Russian elite fighters, and winning the British Open 2016,really made an impression! Reached 3rd place in the 6th WC weight 2017. KWU World Champion 2019, top 16 in 12th World Championship 2019

Andro ZinchenkoAndrei Zinchenko, Georgia. geo

He has established himself among the best lightweight fighters in recent years. European champion in 2014/16/18, i total 7 times at the podium  He is known for his quick and energetic style and ability to push forward no matter how much resistance he meets. Zinchenko is one of the lightest in his class, which makes this even more impressive. Runner up in the 6th World Championship 2017. World Champion KWU 2019

Orest Pròc,Lithuania lith

Pròc have been in the top of the middleweight for many years, known for his power full fighting, and the stamina to keep it going. Fought his way through the European Championship in Denmark 2005, and ended 2nd. Only beaten by Marius Ilas. Pròc also made it to the podium in 06,07,11 and in 2012 as the winner of the middleweight category. Last victory, and the biggest is the World Cup gold in his home arena in 2013.

Marek Wolny,Poland  poland

Open weight champion 2022. In 2013 Wolny entered the EC podium – 3rd place European Championship in the light heavyweight, and 5th place in The 45th All Japan Open. Hard-working for many years, several podium places in different organisations, representing Poland many years. For many being seen as the proof of never giving up spirit in many extremely long and demanding fights. In Poland, known for hard fights in the Polish Championships with top fighters as Maciej Mazur, Patryk Sypień with more.

Dorin Margarint, Romaina. rom

Fights in the super heavy weight, and in Europe that`s a hard division. In Open weight tournaments Margrint also have met the best fighters in the world as Dimitrov, Imbras, Mori, to name a few. Vice EC champion in 2013 and 2014, placed at third Open Weight EC 2012 and among 32 best fighters in the 10th World Championship 2011. Good movements, fine timing and some of the most ripping lowkicks in the game…

Marek Odzeniak, Poland. poland

-have been fighting at top level for several years. Just being one of Poland`s first choice in the middleweight division gives a perspective of what kind of level he has. Also fighting with success in open weight tournaments require much. Fighting in middleweight division are very hard, and Marek Odzeniak have been fighting many very hard fights,never giving up know for a all round good fighter with strength to back it up.

Yuji Shimamoto ( FB), Japan. japanflag

One of the absolute top fighters from Japan, winner of the All Japan Weight categories and open-weight many times.  At the world stage he this year, 2013, took the 3rd place at the Karate World Cup. At the 10th World Tournament he reached 7th,World Champion in 2017 (weight) World Champion 11th and 12th World Championships

Levan Tsintzadze, Georgia. geo

When this fighter enters the mat, everyone knows that it will be a action packed fight coming up. With his aggressive fighting style and well known liver kicks, this is a fighter who always bring the fight,and use every moment to finish the fight quickly. Also proven to be strong enough to fight bigger fighters, being a middleweight him self,and fighting at top level in the World Cup 2013. Picture < – WKO Shinkyokushinkai

Maciej Mazur , Poland. poland

Mazur proven to be one of the best fighters in the World, going trough the European Championships with 7 time on the podium – 3 times champion, and runner up in open-weight 2018. 5th in 49th All japan Open, 5th in the 1st WFKO International Tournament – 2018. But the highest prize would be the 2nd place in the 12th World Championship 2019.

Gàbor Ròzsa . Hungary. hung

A technical athlete beyond the ordinary. Stands for technical purity in his stylish fighting, which has given him five European championships. Also has won the All Kyokushin World Tournament in 2009 / IFKK. Technical, explosive and ability to finish matches with quick knock out. These criteria has given him many technical Awards and titles. Known to be one of the absolute best fighters in Europe in his weight class.

Lukas Kubilius, Lithuania. lith

Lithuanian powerhouse with incredible impact in his techniques. Especially when it comes to series of strokes, there are not many who can stand against it. Came 4th place in the 10th world championship in 2011 and 2nd place in World Cup 2013. European championships he has attended. 3rd place World Championship 2015, 3rd place World Championship (weight)

Yuki Maeda, Japan. japanflag Visit WKO Youtube for more

Japanese elite fighter, and one of the best lightweight in the world. Incredibly strong pace and with great technique and timing. With this combination, Yuki Maeda, a fighter who also gets along very well in the open weight class. Strong Merits like 3 times All Japan Open Weight Category Champion and more recently 2nd place in The 5th World Cup, and strong efforts during the 10th World Championship in 2011

Nazar Nazirov, Russia. russianflag

Good technical variety, strength and endurance. And also the ability to set up knock outs. 6th place in the World Championship 2015, and Technical Award.Winning the Russian Open weight 2016, defeating the best of Russian fighters across organizations and weight. Runner up in the 6th WC Weight category 2017. Technical award 12th World Championship and top 16. World Champion KWU just few weeks later.

Marius Ilas, Romania. rom

Always on top of the tournaments he participates in. With his unique style and charisma is it always interesting to follow him. 7 times European champion, in the middleweight division, a thought category, always well represented. Winner of the EC open weight in 2013.Humble in his appearance and an inspiration to all who search the way of Budo.

Dmitriy Moiseev, Kasakhstan Kazak

Winner of The 5th Karate World Championship Weight Categories. Not only did this strong fighter win this year, but he repeated his performance from 4 years back.. To win the World weight category, it requires extremely good qualities. And when an athlete does this twice in a row, it is very impressive. Even reaching the podium, 3rd place at home soil in 2017.

2015_EC_end (1)Brian Jakobsen, Denmark. Den

Technical award at the 8th World Championship 2003 and finished among the last 16, 5th place at the 10th World Championship 2011 and tameshiwari award Top 16 in 2015 once again tameshiwari award. With his eminent technical and brilliant fighting, he is of the few north Europeans that can reach the top all over the world. Runner up in the EC 2017, and made with this results his way into the 6th World weight Championship.

Jimmie Collin – Sweden. swe

Tactical and systematically fighting style. Did a very strong 2012, and established himself for real among the best fighters in Europe. This was even in the open weight tournaments, as Collin stays in the middleweight category. Known to be the best or most merited fighter out of Sweden, made his last appearance at the Swedish national in 2017 – and he did also win that one.

Roman Nesterenko, Russia. russianflag

World Cup winner 2009, and among top four in the two last World Tournaments. Nesterenko is a strong fighter, unpredictable, with a surprising knockout techniques and very good capacity with his legs. He has been the top Russian fighter for last years, that alone tell us a lot. Retired as one of the strongest Russian fighter in a long time, made his last appearance with a 3rd place in the Word Cup in 2013

Norichika Tsukamoto , Japan. japanflag

Two times World Champion, known for his revolutionary and progressive fighting style. He alone has given Full Contact Karate modified ways of thinking and new performing techniques. What he has developed in his fighting style has been of great meaning in the way that full contact Karate, an what direction it has been going. Retired as one of Japans most merited fighter.

Valeri Dimitrov, Bulgaria. bulgaria

He is known for his humble and quiet appearances and his extremely effective fighting style. The strongest record ever listed : 3 times EC Open Weight Champion, 16 EC Gold, 4 World Cup victories, top 4 in three World Championships. At this time we can not understand the truly dept of his contribution in full contact Karate. With out doubt one of the best fighter we have seen in the history.

Kunihiro Suzuki, Japan. japanflag

World Champion and one of Japans most accomplished fighter. Standing as a monument for true Budo spirit and warrior spirit. Having fought for a generation and inspired the entire world for its immovable performance. Official retired from international fighting in 2013, but do still compete national in Japan and not only that, he is still collecting top prizes in the tournaments.

Donatas Imbras, Lithuania. lith

One of the most feared fighters for several years. Runner up in the World Championship 2007, and in the 3rd World Cup, Osaka 2005. 5 times European Champion. Have a fierce fighting style, combined with raw physical form and an explosive speed in the execution of techniques.