13th World Championship C-block – Men’s Division

This block have several fighters from the top 3 in the World – now it is time to face each other with no weight limit! Photo by Pi-photo.pl

The vice World Champion will the one who opens the ball of this Block, Maciej Mazur / Poland. To be specific, he will face the winner of Iyyappan Rama Chandran / India vs Rudy Martinez / Honduras. Photo by Pi-photo.pl

It would be a surprise if Mazur did not move on I the tournament, and face the winner of Victor Nishimura /Brazil vs Ryuji Toda / Japan. Toda came in I the last hour, winning The 8th All Hokuriku – movable, technical with good variation. 94 kg to put into kicks and punches, not being more than 17th year. Enough to take the victory vs Victor Nishimura? Possible, however none of them has the merit s compared to Maciej Mazur – that likely will move further on beyond both of them.

Ryuki Ushirosako – one of the young Star-fighters from Japan. All japan Open JFKO Champion before he was 20, and repeated that later. Have a similar entry as Mazur into the first fights, being the one with merits and the pressure to advance. Mathieu Hansen / France – experienced, but not been able to reach the top Europe level.

If Ushirosako wins, he will most likely face Yelaman Mukashev / Kazakhstan. Mukashev got some nice results in youth categories and U21; nevertheless, it will probably be his challenge of his life up to now, face Ushirosako at his home court.

That means, as we predict us self far away – the possible 3rd fight in this section Mazur vs Ushirosako. To neutralize the reach and power of Maciej Mazur it can easily be a tactical repeat from earlier World Championships, one fighter glue himself to the other, frustration and tension builds up and can easily result in warnings. No doubt that each fighter must get the fight in the “right track” get the control of the fight. Ushirosako – lighting quick, technical, it is doubtful that he will choose to stand in Mazur’s zone, where he is vulnerable to Mazur’s power and strength. In the other side, can Mazur hunt him down and inflict enough damage to collect the win? Photo by Pi-photo.pl

Máté Dávid / Hungary made a good impression last time in 2019. Moved on in the 12th World Championship and the second win did turn some heads. All Japan Open Champion JFKO same year (and in 2017), Syota Yamaguchi / Japan. Not only wining the All Japan, but also did so by eliminated Kembu Iriki in the semi-final.

Máté Dávid will fight Hugo Cruz Castello / Spain. Castello usually fights in the -85kg category, experienced from different organizations and tournaments. Do not have any podium visits in the WKO EC, but noticed with good fights vs top fighters as Dimitrov and Salahat. The winner will most likely face Laurynas Vaicikauskas / Lithuania.  Photo: Okiem Sportowca 

Illia Serhiienko / Ukraine and Julian Bjerrekær / Denmark usually fights in the same weight category, and both participated in this year’s EC. Serhiienko has resulted on EC podium a couple of times.  Serhiienko is the one with best record.

However, Bjerrekær is a very decent fighter, very good all round skills and experience. This can easily be a close one, and the one who take the win must be ready for level up in the next – Shota Maeda / Japan.

Shota Maeda vs Uelinton Oliveira / Panama – Maeda being the heavy favorite. Maeda, well known from the absolute top level. World Champion in weight categories in 2017, and 3rd place in 2013. Top 16 last World Championship, 4th place AND the Spirit award in the 10th World Open World Championship. Photo:pufasfoto.lt

Shota Maeda have for ten years been in the absolute top of Japan, winning All Japan Open several times, as he did this Spring – 1st place 8th JFKO All Japan Open – 11 years since he took his first All japan Open title. Photo: Norio Hayashida / WKO

No doubt, the aim to reach far into day two of the Championship are set for Maeda. And just for the fun – if Mazur and Maeda wins their first three fights, it is ready for a rerun from last World Championship, when they fought 8/16 place, identical to which stage they can meet at this time. World Championship in speculations? Well, it may happen, and if so, 2-0 Mazur, or 1-1?

The second half of Block C starts with Edgard Sečinski / Lithuania – top 16 last World Championship, and top 8th in 2015. Established European fighter for many years. Seeded into the Championship with a quite possible fight with reign World Champion middleweight Hotaka Yoshizawa / Japan. If both win their first fights.

Consider their record, they should prepare for that, however we see a good fight in Tecza Jakub / Poland vs Sečinski in their second fight of the day. Tecza Jakub, been on the EC podium some years back (2018), lost in the semi-final vs Valeri Dimitrov. Some years ago, and some kilos as well. Tecza have a very good technical base, variety, and is a very interesting fighter to watch. Photo by Pi-photo.pl

Either way in this possible fight, the winner (as mention) would have to realize that the next fight vs Hotaka Yoshizawa will be quite different, Yoshizawa giving away some weight and reach, but add intensity and the experience of fighting in open-weight. 7th place last year in The 54th All Japan Open. Photo: Norio Hayashida / WKO

The last part of C Block contains two names that will be the one to look out for: Anjey Kinzerskiy / Kazakhstan and Nariyoshi Tada / Japan. If that is going to happen, both must win their two first fights. Tada and Kinzerskiy have both good records and both with new titles in their bag.

Tada took his second JFKO All Japan Open victory this spring, and came 2nd last year in the World Championship. Anjey Kinzerskiy recently could add 36th All Kyushu Tournament to his record. With 193 cm height, Kinzerskiy have some dangerous knees, and combines it with good low-kicks. This made him win the 1st KWU Open Weight World Championship earlier this year also.

Tada is incredible strong, and he can push through almost anyone. Kinzerskiy will challenge Tada with his reach and especially his high knees will be a constant threat throughout the match. Can he land a knee – stand against the pressure from Tada? Alternatively, will Tada control the fight with high pace strength and pressure? This will be a very interesting fight, and could be a little surprise taking the larger picture in sight.