Valeri Dimitrov vs Maciej Mazur

Battling for the top possessions for many years as Valeri Dimitrov and Maciej Mazur have done, the have also fought repeatedly. Do you know how many times the fought? Photo by the eminentPiotr Sztencel  see more: Pi.Sztencel 

We start in 2012, European Championship, Belgium. The first time the fought, as Mazur was entering the senior EC for the first time. This semi-final became the last fight in the category, since the final was not held due to a injury of Edgard Sečinski.

Next time the met was in 2014, but not in the European Championship. This championship is one of the very few that Valeri Dimitrov have competed in besides the EC.Hungarian Mas Oyama Memorial Cup– a highly profiled tournament with fighters from all over the World, much alike a World Championship in Weight category, with nations / regions like Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Europe etc. Dimitrov and Mazur met, again, in the semi-final.

2015 was net, and back in the European Championship. Both was now in the heaviest category, and Maciej Mazur was fighting on home-court, Poland. I this case the met in the final, with notable wins in the semi. Mazur defeated Eventas Gužauskas, Dimitrov defeated Lukas Kubilius.

The year after became a repeat of the previous year, this time the European Championship was held in Georgia. Valeri to the final by winning against Edgard Sečinski, who ended 3rd together with Brian Jakobsen.

In 2018, Hungary – another finale in the European Championship final. This EC was in the Open-Weight Category, and the division held close to 40 fighters. Both fighters, Maciej Mazur and Valeri Dimitrov had won their category earlier same year in the EC weight-categories. Dimitrov in the middleweight, Mazur in the light-heavyweight.

The 12th World Championship in Japan – next stop, in the year 2019. Again this was a semi-final. The level was sky high, and Dimitrov had notable wins versus Kazufumi Shimamoto, Kembu Iriki, Ilya Yakovlev among others. Mazur with victories vs Shoki Shimzu, Shota Maeda, Eventas Gužauskas