52nd All Japan – Results

Kembu Iriki pulls trough a very tough All Japan Open – Iriki been top three five times, in the last six All Japan Open’s. Includes winning the 48th edition – as he now does in the 52nd edition. This edition really fits the name: ALL JAPAN Open – where one can see top Japanese fighters from organisations and schools – that one in some cases did’t know existed! Two major victories was pulled of this weekend, 1. To face the challenge, organizing a tournament with the covid-19 and AND to manage to gather so many different fighters from different schools.

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52nd All Japan Open

Legendary All Japan Open – the 52nd edition will be held November 21 & 22. Due to the Corona situation, there will be no spectators this time. Last edition gave us some really interesting fights. It was also a big effort, considering that this was a qualification for the world championship. To look forward to a great event now in these days are really good medicine!

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Mazovia MAX 70

Back in 2011, a highly professional tournament was held i Poland. Mazovia MAX 70, was i lightweight tournament with some of the best fighters in Europe. In the women division it was no limit regarding to the weight – so in that case we had an open-weight tournament. In both categories men and women, 1500 USD was the top prize!

Gabor Rozsa – Hungary (Photos (if not mistaken) MICHAL PUCHALSKI)
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Branko Bošnjak Memorial – results – from 1995..

Since 1995 the Branko Bošnjak Memorial has been “something else” Out from the perspective that almost every tournament are made for “one purpose only”, to appoint the best fighter. A tournament with a deeper meaning will for sure also give a deeper meaning. Results from the start – and up to now, women and men’s categories..

Fight Camp Denmark 2020

Either you have been here and know what this is – and then you will come back. And if you haven’t been here, you can only at least speculate on how the camp is. You have to feel it to believe it. Of course, it is many great camps around – but one need to create something special.. have the Danish Camp manage that? Well with twenty years a row, and waiting list to enter – the answer it quite clear!

Pictures by Elvira Gummesson
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Som om vi ikke har nok EM i Kyokushin, så arrangerte man i The 1st European Fullcontact karate Organisation EM i Belgia i Januar 2020. Dette er et åpent EM hvor alt av fullkontakt kan delta, uavhengig av org og stil. Hos mange organisasjoner er det åpent fra før, dette er fordi man har knappes folk nok til å avholde EM – men i dette tilfelle var det et godt besøkt EM – noe som gjør at plasseringer har status, i motsetning til at man blir tildelt en meterhøy pokal for oppmøte. 24 nasjoner – EM og VM mestere å finne i “alle klasser”.

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European Karate Organization
Polish Shinkyokushinkai Karate Federation

EKO Technical Committee and Grading and EKO Referee Committee:
1. Furko Kalman, shihan 8 dan
2. Brian Bitkin, shihan 8 dan
3. Howard Collins, shihan 8 dan
4. Jan Bulow, shihan 7 dan
5. Michael Soderkvist, shihan 7 dan
6. Jesus Talan, shihan 6 dan
7. Alexander Goncharenko, shihan 6 dan
8. Remigiusz Karpinski, shihan 6 dan

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Lyudmila Ustyugova, Kazakhstan

Lyudmila Ustyugova, one of Kazakhstan’s many good fighters. World Champion in 2018, KWF. World Champion in 2019 this time in KWU. Improving her her result from 2017 when she came in on 3rd place. 2017 was a very noticeable year, reaching the final in the 6th World Championship weight categories WKO. The only non Japanese entering the podium. A real statement knocking down 3 time All Japan Champion Kikukawa in the semifinal and entering the upper level of lightweight fighters of the world.

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