Lasha Ozbetelashvili, Georgia

Lasha Ozbetelashvili, Georgia – multiply European Champion, and one of the absolute top middleweight fighters in the European middleweight division. The middleweight division, a strong category that demands a all-round skilled champion – as Ozbetelashvili. The EFKO tittle prove that, five fights, facing top fighters as Salahat, Hayder and Móczó.

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54th All Japan Open Karate 2022 – Winners!

Who can challenge the Japanese elite next year in the 13th World Open Karate Championship Shinkyokushin. Sky-high level in the 54th edition of the All Japan Open Karate Championship Shinkyokushin 24th and 25th December. Picture from WKO Shinkyokushinkai Facebook – visit for updates and official info

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Shinkyokushin EC Open Weight 2022 – Wolny breaks trough!

Shinkyokushin Open Weigh EC will always have a high status. The “Open-Weight” includes so many factors that one have to be very competent to be successful. We find the Open-Weight in the World Championship, All japan Open and the EC – as some of the most interesting tournaments to watch – This years winner has been in all of them.

Pictures by Okiem Sportowca / Mateusz Golomb 

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Shinkyokushin EC Open Weight 2022 – top level in a busy year

Shinkyokushin Open Weight EC was held Saturday 3rd December, Poland. Organized in/by Kokoro Cup format – tournament. As one could expect, some fall outs during the last time in towards the tournament was a fact. After a World Championship in September – one could not be surprised. Luckily the mass of fighters and the level are very satisfying!

Pictures by Okiem Sportowca / Mateusz Golomb 

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