French Open 2023 – Shaping up!

25th February, The French Open will be held, and up to now ten nations are registered in the line up. That said, one will gladly see see more fighters in the line up, there are several categories to fill and fights to be fought!

The different nation that up to now are registered, are spread out from Europe and even Kazakhstan have fighters attending in the tournament. Georgia will be the team that attract the most attention at the time – several well merited fighters, and do have nine fighters in the line up.

Contrary to what we are used to seeing, the Eastern European countries are not present and there are enough offers and opportunities in the French Open. As you know, the tournament offers ordinary classes as well as “Beginners class” – and actually also “Old masters” category.

So, French Open give you the possibility to attend the tournament – in the ordinary category as well in the – beginners category.

Far as we know, the deadline for registration was 11th February, but take contact and support the tournament, the fighters and the development of Full Contact Karate!

The official information can be reached HERE and if you want further updates you can visit the official Facebook site HERE  Contact: