European Champions men 2023 Shinkyokushin

European Champions in the men’s division – Lasha Ozbetelashvili / Georgia and Valeri Dimitrov / Bulgaria keeping a steady course, Marek Wolny / Poland and Paulius Žimantas/ Lithuania add a weight category to their merits – Aligismat Hasanov / Azerbaijan 1st tittle!

Photo by Svein Olaf Bennæs / Shin Norway

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Shinkyokushin EC Open Weight 2022 – Wolny breaks trough!

Shinkyokushin Open Weigh EC will always have a high status. The “Open-Weight” includes so many factors that one have to be very competent to be successful. We find the Open-Weight in the World Championship, All japan Open and the EC – as some of the most interesting tournaments to watch – This years winner has been in all of them.

Pictures by Okiem Sportowca / Mateusz Golomb 

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Shinkyokushin EC Open Weight 2022 – top level in a busy year

Shinkyokushin Open Weight EC was held Saturday 3rd December, Poland. Organized in/by Kokoro Cup format – tournament. As one could expect, some fall outs during the last time in towards the tournament was a fact. After a World Championship in September – one could not be surprised. Luckily the mass of fighters and the level are very satisfying!

Pictures by Okiem Sportowca / Mateusz Golomb 

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EKO Black Belt seminar and referee course 1-3 March

Last weekend (1st – 3rd March)  the EKO Black Belt Seminar and referee course was held in Poland, in a beautiful place, the Japanese Martial Arts Center “DOJO STARA WIES”. The seminar was fully booked, and with top names – some of the finest instructors in the lead, the value of the seminar could not be better!

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EKO – European Championship 2019

Lithuania, where Full Contact Karate is the most popular sport in the country, their athletes are among the best in the world, and where the national Karate organisation runs a highly professional business. The European Championship Shinkyokushin will be held in Vilnius, Siemens Arena 13th & 14th of April. And as before, being a World Championship year, the level of the tournament and the preparation of everyone will be at an absolute maximum

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European Championship Open Weight 2018

European Championship Open Weight – in two weeks! And as we know the U-21 and U-16 European Championship as well. The European Championship Shinkyokushin will take place on 23-24 November 2018, Friday and Saturday, in the city of Budapest, Hungary. The Open Weight tournament has always been interesting – just for for the fact that it is open weight. The great support of the tournament gives us the hardest line up up to now! Not only in numbers, but also looking at the profiles ho attend – if one manage to reaching the podium, it would be a great achievement!

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EC 2018 Shinkyokushin – It`s on! (+95)

In just one and a half week, the European Championship Shinkyokushin will be held in Poland! As mention before, adding new categories has not only increased the number of athletes in the tournament – but we are looking forward to some new match up between fighters that has been in separate categories previous years. Some of the strong profiles are retired, but we are also very happy to see the next generation really steps up! And of course some “immortal” are still going strong!

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