Camp Banzai 2022, Sweden – write up!

Back on track after Covid and lock downs – Camp Banzai known how to push the right buttons to make people smile and enjoy the truth of Karate. This years version had two main instructors: Brigita Gustaitytė, Lithuania and Edit Abraham, Hungary. Banzai karate Kai, the organizer and creator of the camp – did once again pull of a event reaching deeper that the the physical aspect.

Brigita Gustaitytė, Lithuania and Edit Abraham, Hungary does not need further introduction. both are highly relevant in the World Championship in Poland this September. Gustaitytė as fighters while Abraham have the roll as coach. These two was meant be at the camp in an earlier occasion, but (again covid prevented that) now the time was right!

The Camp Banzai concept are very well grounded in the values of Banzai Karate Kai and their members. The hospitality are great at and most importantly, real. The core of the camp is centered around and in the Banzai Dojo. The training itself takes place in Lundbystrand Arena – some of you might been there in relation of Swedish Open, held in the same arena in 2014. Lunch and dinner are also located near by – effective and of course very convenient.

Friday – and the opening of the camp was lead by Banzai’s own Milad Samizade EC podium holder from 2018, holding a light-footed session with creative inputs. Even with some late minutes withdraws due to sickness, the camp gathered 85-90 campers. Participants came mainly from Sweden, but a solid group from Norway participated as well, and reached the top during the Saturday’s training.Saturday started with meditation, waking up the body and head in balance to each other – no rush – make it happen in a natural way. This session was lead by Sami Joensuu, and repeated Sunday morning before breakfast.

Brigita Gustaitytė – Saturday training-sessions.

Trough two sessions lead by Brigita Gustaitytė, the participants got an insight into what she had used in her fights, the thought behind this and how this was practiced in training – as well as used in combat. This was nicely, clearly presented part by part – and and tied together more and more until it ended up in the total picture that had previously been presented. The overall picture was about fighting at the most effective distance possible. In Brigita ‘s case, this was a lot about fighting at a longer distance, how to keep it and how to win it back when one had a “stalker on the back”

Brigita Gustaitytė

Besides the technics showed to create and keep the distance, training-drills was used with the task to keep or reduce the distance – and then the the physical part comes into play. This particular topic is always relevant – whether you want a short, medium or long distance. If you control the distance where you are strongest – then of course it will work to your advantage.

Brigita Gustaitytė – shaping the future

The Hill

This session makes the Camp Banzai different (one of the factors) Keillers Park, Göteborg, lays close by Banzai Karate Kai Dojo, and it feels right to say that it plays a part into the Dojo and activities. In this beautiful park you have some grate uphills to soften your legs, and many areas to use when it comes to training.

One of the teams – starting the Hill.

Divided into groups, the camp-participants make their way around the track, that are spiced up with some exercises. The main code to crack are not the race it self – it is the team, or more correct team building.

Edit Abraham Sunday training sessions.

Edit Abraham have been retired from fighting for a while, but stills keep a sky high level. For those of us that have seen her fight, there are no problem remember the sharpness and the power in the technics. First session focused on how to trap our opponent on the fighting area, drive him/her into the line or the best of all corner. Working with different movements and technics to keep our opponent trapped in the corner – and set up the winning technic. All this demand that you have good all-round skills with a strong base and solid footwork. The session was building up and ended with sparring – trying to create the settings that was the focus earlier on.

Edit Abraham – looking forward to demonstrate…

Next session had rhythm-break as focus. How to “puncture your opponent” The point is extremely important at the top level, where everyone is incredibly well prepared and, not least, can take whatever comes – as long as they understand the rhythm it comes in. When you break the rhythm – you break you opponent as well. Some of this was when you was the attacker and some in defense. The session ended with some free-sparring – and the campers was happy!

Edit Abram

Trough the weekend many experienced that the summer was still on, and dehydration and heavy-heads could be noticed. But the spirit was never down! Times fly in good company, this time as last time. It would be difficult to mention one or two from the organizer, since this is a team working to pull it off – but Kenneth Karlsson and Annika Peterson – hat off and a big Osu!