Camp Banzai 2023

Camp Banzai 2023, The 6th Edition of the Swedish event will be held 25-27th August. The camp always offers international guest instructors at the top level – this year: David Mskhaladze with coach and trainer Levan Tsintsadze by his side.

Georgia has been noticed by many great fighters, maybe special in the lighter weight divisions. Mikheil Tsiklauri, Andrei Zinchenko, Lasha Ozbetelashvili are good example of this. The new generation are coming, and they are well prepared. David Mskhaladze (Video gallery) is an excellent prof of this, guided by Levan Tsintsadze (Video gallery) – WKO Georgia Branch Chief.

Banzai Kyokushin Karate, well known Dojo in the Kyokushin family with great traditions and profiles. To organize a camp at this size require a good team, and Banzai Dojo have proven to have so. In the lead of Annika Peterson & Kenneth Karlsson with their team, the camp run smoothly every year. Central in Goteborg, Banzai Dojo do have the location, capacity and soul to make anybody feel like home.

The Banzai camp – or Camp Banzai that is the correct name, has become a event, a camp that have its own style. And that is important, because there are so many camps all over Europe, so one must have a soul in it. Something that gives a natural feeling for participants to come back year after year. When this happen, it is a reflection of the organizer, and when we think about the hospitality The Banzai`s – well then it is easy to understand why people visit the camp year after year.

The focus of the camp is fight. But one do not have to be in the shape of a top fighter to compete. Everyone are welcome and everyone are being taken good care of. At the same time – the level of the instructors chosen every year set a standard… a high one!

For full info – sign up etc. visit official website Camp Banzai 2023 for updates questions etc. visit the official Facebook event site of Camp Banzai

Want to see a little Camp Banzai history?

The first Camp Banzai was held in 2015 – with Swedish top fighters Jimmie Collin and Cecilia Wallin. (Norwegian write up only)

In 2016: Romanian Masterclass with Harris Wallmen, Anca Wallmen and Marius Ilas (Write up English)

2017 Japan was visiting the camp with 6 time All Japan Open Champion Yuki Maeda (Write up English)

In 2018 living legends came to the camp, Dimitri Trampov and Valeri Dimitrov delivered top material and instructions  (Write up English)

After covid pandemic, and a long break, the Camp Banzai presented Edit Abraham / Hungary and Brigita Gustaitytė / Lithuania (English write up)