Sam Gilbert, Australia

Sam Gilbert, Australia is a well known name for many of us – with all respect: maybe not the younger generation – but for us being around for a while. Having his birthday today, we thought a recap of some of his events could be right!

In 2009 took Sam Gilbert from Australia 4th place in the 4th Shinkyokushin World Cup,held in Russia. He met Norichika Tsukamoto,and after fighting Tsukamoto for 9 minutes he lost on judges score. This impressed many,and Sam Gilbert attracted positive attention for this.

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We start with the fight vs Norichika Tsukamoto

However it was maybe a little detalj that made Sam Gilbert more resistance against Tsukamoto than front of the 9th World Tournament Sam Gilbert trained hard in Japan,and one of his instructors was non other than…Tsukamoto Sensei.

Training i Japan, and fighting in Japan. Sam Gilbert fought i some of the regional tournaments, as 12th All Kanto Open Tournament / yokohama, (Video ) and 24th All Shikoku Open Karate tournament in Kouchi City, and The 24th All Shikoku Open Karate tournament in Kouchi City. Being victorious in these championships gave us an idea that bigger things was yet to come.

  • 2009 Shinkyokushin World Cup heavyweight 4th place
  • 5-time Australian champion
  • 5-time world championship Australian team member
  • All Kanto (x 2)
  • All Kansai (x 2)
  • All Shikoku champion
  • B.Physiotherapy, M.exercise science (strength and conditioning) – Author: “The Science of Striking” – Instructor: Shinkyokushin Roppongi dojo, Tokyo Japan