Romanian masterclass in Sweden!

banzai_refThis weekend, 26-28 August, the 2nd edition of Camp Banzai was held. The first edition had some of the best Swedish Fighters as instructors. This year Romanian elite instructors was the “main event”, Anca Wallmen, Harris Wallmen and Marius Ilas Sensei’s. The interest to train under these three has been growing in a pace and scale that can only relate to top quality. But there is something more than only the physical experience..

sensei_danBanzai Kyokushin Karate, well known Dojo in the Swedish Kyokushin family with great traditions and profiles. As mention, this was the 2nd time Camp Banzai was held, and the capacity of the camp reached its maximum in an early stage. To organize a camp at this size require a good team, and Banzai Dojo proven to have that! In the lead of Sensei Annika Peterson, the camp run smoothly and the small adjustment that needed to bee done, was in full control. Central in Goteborg, Banzai Dojo do have the location, capacity and soul to make anybody feel like home.

Banzai Kyokushin Karate FB

Camp Banzai is a camp with focus on fighting. But with the good atmosphere and the whole camp filled up with “happy camper’s” the theme could easily been an another aspect of Kyokushin karate. Through the camp all participants was teamed up with others, and each team could challenge themselves during “The Hill” a hard contest with running as the “main course”, Sprawls, hang ups, human wheelbarrow race in the stairs as side orders, and tractor wheel flip as the starter!

Saturday evening with barbecue, nicely put together by the “Banzai’s” was an unforgettable moment. Especially when the teams stood for the entertainment…!

Regularly there are articles, reports on these three Sensei’s who was this year’s main attraction. As on previous occasions, words become poor when one tries to describe how the feeling of being present during these seminars and camps. We have many good instructors, fighters and persons in the Kyokushin family, so there certainly will takes a particular set of skills and personality to make a difference. Well it is safe to say that this is the case in this matter.

The first that catches the participants regarding to the three instructors, are how they all have their own way to present the chosen theme/technics etc, but without a doubt reach the same goals. This will also make the message very strong from instructor to participants. There are also a wonderful chemistry between the three, and it gives all a relaxed atmosphere that is optimal settings for learning. The training also gave the participants several good exercises to make “daily life” better. Stretching and moves for back pains etc.

Harris Wallmen Sensei

His knowledge of Kyokushin karate, and general martial arts is a story in itself. His knowledge about how the human body works, anatomy and how this can be trained optimally. His ability of pharris_Wallmen2016Iromoting his highly respected skills. These things combined with a very likable personality makes the arena for learning so good that it can be. The technical drilling in the fight aspect will catch everyone that have some interest of learning. We can see that seminars gathers Karatekas that not necessarily favors fight or fight training , because the total learning will be so high. Training tools, in the form of drills and technical exercises is a very good factor for success. This makes the training more real and gives athletes closer experience to reality – set the basis of a match setting. And of course through the serious training – always a glint in the eye! We can only thank..

Anca Wallmen Sensei (picture Banzai)

We could list up her record, that alone would tell us that this is a Anca_wallmen2016athlete with certain set of skills. But even with a good record, it do not necessarily means that you would be a good trainer. Well, in this case it means so. Anca Wallmen showed through Camp Banzai warm ups drills, that trick a tired body to join in – gladly! Technical drills and timing drills, in an increasing order who are great to build up the understanding of what you actually try to reach. Also an angle that Anca brings in, is the play in the training. We all need to play, to work in an relaxed setting – but once again, the play – the exercises, do bring great serious factors who makes your total better. This is a element who is very important in a environment who trains hard and often.

Marius Ilas Sensei  

Marius Ilas would naturally be the one that stand out compare to the others (Anca and marius_Ilas2016I – KopiHarris), in the direction that he is the one who is competition active. All of us have seen Marius fight, and many of us wonder how he time after time neutralizes his opponents. The style of fighting really have the essence of Karate. Understanding the deeper role of technique, it will protect you against attackers with greater strength.  It will make you handle strength and use it against your opponent. During the training it is amazing to see a champion demonstrate, even in medium speed and power. Marius do also have the same skills to pass on his pass his knowledge, as Anca and Harris. And for each time we are lucky to get a little peak inside their thoughts and system, it`s educate, stimulate and motivate us all.

Banzai Camp was a great success, and Karatekas from Denmark, Norway and Sweden gathered this weekend i Goteborg. Many of the national team members from the three countries attended, as well as trainers, Dojo operators, Kohais, Sempais, Senseis and Shihans. Exactly as it should be in Kyokushin Karate Camp.

After the last training Sunday, this years Spirit Award was given. The award is held by Camp Banzai, and the three Romanian guest instructors was given the task to point out a (moved) candidate.