Camp Banzai 2018 – with legendary Bulgarian touch

The 4th Camp Banzai, Goteborg, Sweden, was held 17th – 19th August, and once again the camp became an unforgettable event. The eminent organizer had brought in “The “Bulgarian Top team” Valeri Dimitrov and Dimitar Trampov Sensei’s. The camp gathered participants from Denmark, Norway and Sweden of course.

Valeri Dimitrov – being more important than we can understand in his role of Shinkyokushin Karate. Dimitar Trampov – been fighting for more than 30 years..

The Camp Banzai kept it’s traditions, and at the same time lifted the organized part even a step higher! The location with the sports hall/arena, Banzai Dojo and this year also a restaurant where the dinner was held, and makes this an effective and easy going camp. The work group of the camp with Anika Peterson Sensei in the lead, makes it all go smooth – and one want to mention all the helper – but in fear of missing one..! As mention, new for this year was the evening dinner at Saturday, at a great location and fore sure this lifted a little of the pressure for the hardworking crew.

Pictures and videos from Banzai kyokushin karate

The camp had one session Friday, two on Saturday and Sunday. Besides this, morning run and the annual competition “The Hill” that include running and other strength exercises.

This was the first time Sweden had the top Bulgarian instructors on visit, and as mention the camp attracted participants from three countries and a from over 20 Dojo’s. Since Dimitrov’s activity being instructor in seminars are relatively regular, many of the participants had experienced it before, and would not miss this one either. When it came to Trampov, the excitements and and expectations was clearly there, especially since few had trained under him before.

Through the camp Dimitar and Dimitrov exchanged the lessons, which made it very complementary and complete. Some of the sessions was build up towards questions from the participants, others sessions was build up from the two instructors choice – and maybe what seemed needed in the group.

Many of the training-drills really showed how to fight smart and efficient. And who can be a living proof better than these two instructors and lifetime fighters?! Maybe it is easier to catch up on these things, or the need for this when you have been trough some years of fighting, and have met some hard fighters in bigger tournaments. To be the hardest man or women, stand in the zone at take all seems to happen often, and of course this way will make it very hard to keep on fighting in tournament, in the season and in the longer aspect.

Not only to be aware of where you are to neutralize your opponents techniques, but also to constant be in the best possession for use of your own. Of course, this is logical, but yet the difference between those who master this and those who do not prioritize it is very different. Too see it explained in detail also revealed many things that are not so easy to spot if you do not get it explained. Fighting this way requires good technique, and not least good understanding. Good understanding of the technical, and understanding the importance of mastering distances. The sum of this means that you will have your techniques effective at all times, while your opponent will not be able to hurt you the same way.

Every session ended with sparring, about 20 minutes each session – and sparring with a really good “lift each other up” attitude, good pace and a technical focus. And if one think about how the time flew away, it is safe to say that this was the place to be.

The Banzai camp – or Camp Banzai that is the correct name, has become a event, a camp that have its own style. And that is important, because there are so many camps all over Europe, so one must have a soul in it. Something that gives a natural feeling for participants to come back year after year. When this happen, it is a reflection of the organizer, and when we think about the hospitality The Banzai`s – well then it is easy to understand why people visit the camp year after year.

So give us the date for next year, we`ll be there!