10 years ago: Look back at “Hungarian Open 2009”

Many said that the Hungarian Open was a tournament at such a high level, that it even could be compared to the European Championships. The tournament does not exist today in the same way, but it was arranged several times.In 2009 Hungarian Open was streamed LIVE, and with 149 competitors from 11 countries, (European countries, Russia and Kazakhstan) Four categories men and three women + Kata as well. and World Cup fighters, EC champions and more at the line up – this turn out to be a tournament way beyond the normal. Picture: Marius Ilas / Romania

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Champion versus Champion

We continue to look at the previous World Champions – as an “warm up” to the upcoming 12th World Open Karate Championship this Autumn in Japan. A World Championship that will be the main event this year in the full contact Karate World. We pick up the champions, and time we will give you some videos from when these champions met each other in different tournaments..

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World Championships finals – Women Division

We continue to look at the World Championships finals, and we are picking up the women division. With the European selections tournaments still going in replay in our heads, there are no doubt that the level in total has been lifted up significant higher. But looking at the previous finals – there are no doubt that the level has been high for many years – but what we believe, is that not only top 4 are good – but you must be really good to reach top 8! And reaching the top eight, it won’t be easy either. We’v said it before, it’s time to expand the women division into competitors from all nations, not only select from the regions. Video time…!

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World Championships finals

We are getting closer to the next World Championship, and as we like to do – a little rewind of previous finals. Some of the are seen many times, some has been given less attention – as always. In many tournaments the final it self becomes a little of a anticlimax – even so it is the World Championship final! Sometimes it can be a factor that the finalist maybe not are the one that the big crowd expected to be there. And the road to the final can also be a factor. Anyway a World Championship final is a final with a big F in our dictionary! We give six World Championship finals:


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The 5th All Japan Open Japan Fullcontact Karate Organisation JFKO – FINALS

Three weeks ago champions of The 5th All Japan Open Fullcontact organisation where crowned. And in the same time top fighters that will represent Japan in the 12th World Open Karate Championship later this year. In other words these top fighters will be facing the best fighters from all over the world – and when we look at the settings for the 5th All Japan Open – the tournament remind us just like the World Championship will be – thinking of the two days of fighting and the number of fights one have to fight – aiming for the top spot.

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Finals of the year 2018 – Inspirations…

As in the previous article we will look at some of the finals held in 2018. This time it is directed against women classes and some of the athletes who have been prominent there. As in the men’s division, unfortunately we could not get as many we wish. World Championships and European Championships – just a little peak  “top of the iceberg” after a very active year in every possible way. (Photos by Chalita ⇓ )

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Finals of the year 2018 – Inspirations..

We have witnessed an incredibly strong year when it comes to athletic performance. A good mix of unexpected and expected results has been seen, and there is no doubt that developments in full contact Karate are moving on.

On general basis,the most of us have lost count of different kind of world championships,countless EC’s etc, and it continues to pop up. But no doubt that those who focus on the right things, in the right order with patience, keeps stability, develops and grows.

Looking forward into 2019, one can only wait with excitements to follow the further development of full contact Karate!

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Shinkyokushin Kazakhstan – top class again!

Mention several times before, one of the occasion was at the 17th All Asia Shinkyokushin Championship held two months ago. This time it was participating in the KWF World Championship held in Astana, Kazakhstan. The top spots in the tournament was mainly shared among Japan and Kazakhstan. Most of the top spots fell to other organizations, only in the women’s category did the host manage to capture some top spots.

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