Valeri Dimitrov seminar 2019!

No introduction needed, Valeri Dimitrov Sensei are filing up the calendar for next year – and so should you!

This Internationale seminar will be held 21st to 23rd of June, 2019. Non can afford to miss the opportunity to train and learn from the absolute best fighter, more current than ever, in light of his incredible strong achievement in the Shinkyokushin European Championship Open-weight now in November, where he outmaneuvered Europe’s top fighters.

21st – 23rd of June, 2019, France.

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The 11th Kokoro Cup 2018 – tournament and seminar!

Kokoro Cup – a very professional tournament, always with a very interesting line up. Fighters from all over the world – but at the very best level! Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Poland.. The tournament has also been spiced up with Japanese fighters – and of course being held in Poland the home-fighters will not only defend their ground, they will do so with their very best fighters! This year the text: Poland vs Japan are added, and we know that once again Japan brings in fighters to Kokoro Cup.

The date 15th December, followed up with a seminar 16th December.

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Norwegian fall-camp 2018!

The weekend 19-21st October was the Norwegian fall-camp organized at Finnsnes, North Norway, by Finnsnes Karate-club Shinkyokushin. For the first time in Finnsnes – Japanese instructors was the headliners. Ochanomizu Dojo’s head instructors Kumiko Sunakawa Shihan and Mitsuhiro Izumi Sensei. For most of us Sunakawa Shihan is the known profile, but being a instructor in Ochanomitzu Dojo, Mitsuhiro Izumi are highly skilled instructor as well! The camp gathered participants from Finland, Sweden and Norway..

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Fighting Seminar 2019 – Denmark

The tradition of the excellent Fighting Seminar in Denmark keeps on, date and guest instructors are ready! But as we all know, there is something more than “only” a fight seminar with great instructors and top hospitality. What has been created in Denmark during all these years, are a solid recipe of all elements one must have to be successful at this. If we think about it, we have many seminars around, big camps – but growing stronger now 20 years after the beginning?

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Russian Open-weight Shinkyokushin 2018

This Saturday the 29/9, The Russian Championship Open-weight was held. As in many regions and countries around at the time, the tournaments are aiming towards the 12th World Championship 2019. Russia region have a very high level, and with the top fighter Nasirov, Russia will for sure be notice in the World Tournament next year.

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Norge i Swedish Open 2018

I morgen er det klart for den 7. utgaven av Swedish Open. Turneringen  avholdes annenhvert år, som et sammenarbeid med Danish Open som går motsatt år. Norge har de siste år vært fast innventar i Swedish – og det skulle bare mangle når man ser hvordan svenske utøvere i en årrekke har støtte norske arrangement. Vi tar en liten kikk på de norske utøvere og litt på årets turnering.

Swedish Open avholdes i Göteborg, og er den mest proffesjonelle turneringen i nærheten av Norge.

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International autumn camp 14-16 sep 2018, Sweden

This year, as last year International autumn camp will be held in Northern Sweden, Skellefteå. Last years camp was a great success, and the recipe for that was a mix of good organizing from Guldstaden Kyokushin Karate. In the lead of Oualid Burström Sensei and Hanna Lundmark Sempai and good helpers from the Dojo. And not to forget the “most wanted” Romanian masterclass with Marius Ilas Sensei, Anca Wallmen Shihan and Harris Wallmen Sensei..

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