Danish Summercamp 2024

The Danish Summercamp this year will bring you a touch of Japan – Yuji Shimamoto Sensei will be the guest instructor.

Yuji Shimamoto Sensei would be a Karateka you should know about. Being one of the absolute top fighters of the world with three World titles, and All japan Open champion several times as well.

(Photo by: Shoji Shohei – WKO Shinkyokushinkai article: read more)

Besides being a world-renowned fighter, he is known for maintaining a strong focus on basic and Kata training. This is not necessarily easy if you want to assert yourself at the top in Kumite.

Official FB camp site official brochure (in Danish) Further questions contact:
Jan Bülow; representative@kyokushin.dk or Jesper Trier; trier@dadlnet.dk

Sensei Yuji Shimamoto 4. Dan will be in company by the instructors from the Danish organization: Shihan Jan Bülow 7. Dan, Shihan Jesper Trier 6. Dan, Shihan Mads Friis 5. Dan, Sensei Tine Marcher 3. Dan, Sensei Sally Breer 3. Dan