Valeri Dimitrov vs Roman Nesterenko

The 3rd place play off in the 9th World Championship was a very interesting set up. Both fighters with significant wins during the tournament, both strong profiles winning their top tournament of their region in front. Dimitrov with his EC victory against Eduard Janoashvili in Lithuania, as Nesterenko became the champion of the Russian Open-weight,defeating top fighter Denis Grigoriev the year before.

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Are you dedicated?

“Even if the body deteriorates, the heart stays the same”

We often hear about dedicated people, and let ourselves be admired and motivated by them. In modern times, one can possibly say that there is a significant difference between true dedication and assumed dedication. This has probably always been the case. But due to the pressure from appearing perfect on social media, a strong factor is that you want to appear somewhat more dedicated than you really are. Especially among younger people, one can imagine. We take a look at someone one fore sure can call dedicated – and the most interesting things: how they mindset make this happen. Kaihōgyō 回峰行 ( “circling the mountain” ) The 1000 days challenge..

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Mas Oyama Memorial Cup 2014

From official invitation :“This tournament will be held as a memorial event to mark the 20 the anniversary of the death of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, the founder of Kyokushin Karate. This international event will be cosponsored by WKO and the Hungary Branch, the host country, and WKO competitors from various regions will participate in this tournament. We would also like to invite competitors from other international karate organizations for this tournament..”

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Shinkyokushin at 35th Martial Arts Festival – France

The 35th version of the legendary martial art festival in France will be held 21st March. Full Contact karate Kyokushin has been represented here in several occasions, but far as we know not Shinkyokushin. Shihan Jesus Talan / Spain will be a part of the representation. This is the largest event of this type in Europe, and it is a huge honor to be be a part of it.
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23rd BRANKO-BOŠNJAK-MEMORIAL – shaping up!

A couple of days ago the start list for this years Branko Bošnjak Memorial was released. Once again this sails up to be a very interesting tournament. With ten nations – and that from some, or to be accurate: the strongest nations in Europe. Hungary, Lithuania,  Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden, Poland, France, Austria, Spain, and of course the home fighters from Croatia.

A interesting mix of fighters are ready, and as a little extra excitement some of the fighters are competing in a higher weight class than we are use to see them.

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Practical use of Karate..!

The practical use of Karate has and will always be discussed. And this topic will naturally be a case outside, as well as inside the Karate family. In the summer we do often see a lot of festivals and shows, where musicians and bands entertain huge crowds of people. This will be our first stop to collect some exemplars of the practical use of the elements of karate. It is all about finding the summer rhythm..

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EC Shinkyokushin 2018 – continues to grow!

In 2015, last time the EC was held in Poland, the line up had 150 senior fighters. Now the Shinkyokushin EC have expanded even more, After good growth it has become natural to add more categories, and with that the number of performers has also increased. And keeping it to the European region makes it makes it easy to measure when it comes to growth. The Eastern Europe countries has always been strong, but also others are making significant progress..

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Easter time is video time!

During the holidays it might happens that we got some spear time, and what could be better than some old but good fights?! As usual we are not looking for the best knock outs when we choose videos.

It might happen of course, but a really good fight do not necessarily have to end up with one of the fighter laying on the floor… but it could happen! That`s one of the Joker that makes it interesting..

Picture Justinas Kvietka, Lithuania, Kokoro Cup Poland 2014

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