EC Shinkyokushin 2018 – continues to grow!

In 2015, last time the EC was held in Poland, the line up had 150 senior fighters. Now the Shinkyokushin EC have expanded even more, After good growth it has become natural to add more categories, and with that the number of performers has also increased. And keeping it to the European region makes it makes it easy to measure when it comes to growth. The Eastern Europe countries has always been strong, but also others are making significant progress..

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Easter time is video time!

During the holidays it might happens that we got some spear time, and what could be better than some old but good fights?! As usual we are not looking for the best knock outs when we choose videos.

It might happen of course, but a really good fight do not necessarily have to end up with one of the fighter laying on the floor… but it could happen! That`s one of the Joker that makes it interesting..

Picture Justinas Kvietka, Lithuania, Kokoro Cup Poland 2014

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Summer holiday – keep updated!

steffen_Japan15Now it is time for a holiday, and once again the trip will go to Japan! Due the time in Japan I will also take time off regarding to update this website. But as you all ready know, the place to go to get the latest info, the right info and of course the fun: – and also keep an eye on the registering in the Swedish Open 2016 (and yes new fighters are been recently added)

All the best to you and your!

Region Øst – hektisk sesongavslutning!

2016Reg_Grad (20)Det er alltid mye som skjer i region Øst, og siste innspurt på vårtermin 2016 intet untak..

Klubbene har sine respektive graderinger, men i tillegg til dette er det også samkjøring som den regionale graderingen som ble avholdt Horten i år. Samt en tilsvarende i Oslo, men da på lavere grader. Paralellt med dette går treningsutveksling som bare det, for sesongen er ikke riktig over ennå, sommerleir står for tur og også der er det noen som skal prøve seg opp mot nye grader.

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