It`s on! Diamond Cup 2018!

The new year will for sure start with a bang! The number of registered participants is now more than 220, and it will probably not stop there! It is also of great interest to see that practitioners from Ashihara Karate from several nations have joined. Among twenty countries have signed in, and many strong nations with their profiles are ready to top this years Diamond Cup! Europe are represented, so are Russia and Japan with more..!

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Rankings 2017!

An amazing job done ranking all the fighters of the world! We stated that it is not possible to do so longer regarding to all tournaments and organizations – luckily we had totally wrong! To have control and overview over the 100 best male fighters in four categories, and thirty of the best female fighters in three categories are really impressing. The most of you have seen it already, but just in case Check out Kyokushin Fighters. an extended arm from kyokushin results!

3rd KWU World Championship – Men`s categories

The 3rd KWU World Championship are history, we will now take a look at the men`s divisions. Nine world champion tittles was on the line,and there was several interesting profiles from the different nations. Many of the fighters have been incredible active, and been fighting all over the world in many open, European and World tournaments. Could they reach their peak at this tournament?

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3rd KWU World Championship – Women categories

The 3rd KWU World Championship are history, we will first take a look at the women`s divisions. One of the most impressing things must be how the little country Lithuania can produce so many, and so high level professional fighters. Other thoughts is in the opposite direction,  with this professional level from Russia, Lithuania – is so that we are going in a direction so professional that it will exclude the regular participant?

It`s time to be professional?

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3rd KWU World Championship – “It`s time to get excited”

The 3rd KWU World Championship is coming up, once again held in Russia. As before the setting is very professional, the hype is big and the event is well covered. It is assumed there will be 55 nations, divided among nine men’s classes and six women’s classes. Everything is done for an unforgettable championship…

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Kokoro Cup 10 – it`s on!

The draw is a fact, and the speculations is going around as usual. We have a interesting line up and draw, two favorites are pointed out, a “dark horse” some good routine based fighters and a couple of up and coming highly interesting young fighters..! All Japan Open Champion, U22 European Champion, and European champion are to find in the line up!

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Kokoror Cup 10 – Fighters!

According to Polish news-site the fighters of this years Kokoro Cup are announced. Sweden, Japan and Poland will participate with strong and well merited fighters in this fully professional organized tournament. Poland do have well merited fighters, but bringing inn fighters from Japan adds always something extra. As for the two Swedish fighters, they both comes of their strongest result up to now – so their ready for it as well..

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NNM Nordnorsk Mesterskap 2017

I helgen ble det arrangert NNM Nordnorsk Mesterskap, og vertskap var vår nordligste klubb – Finnsnes Karateklubb. Stevnet hadde tilbud til utøvere i alle aldre og grener, og antall påmeldinger var registrert til 125. Finnsnes sammen med Tromsø hadde alene 85 påmeldinger, sistnevente med 50!

-det er imponerende! Arrangørmessig vet man at Finnsnes Karateklubb har gode mesterskap i ledelse av Erik Anders , og på toppen av dette kom Bo Vidar fra Bergen Karateklubb, NKF/ Fullkontaktskomiteen og  internasjonal dommer sertifisert i tillegg.

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