Emi Shoguchi, Japan

Emi Shoguchi, Japan. World Champion of the 10th World Championship 2011 and winner of All Japan Open Tournament several times, and All Japan weight divisions championship. Second place World Weight Championship 2013, World Champion in 2017 in Weight Categories. Fighting larger opponents have not prevented success. In addition to the technical and tactical capacity, she holds tremendous fighter’s heart!

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TBST Summer camp 2018

TBST Tomasz Basiak Shinkyokushinkai Team, keep great events coming. In a short time the will organize a seminar with Shihan Kumiko Sunakawa 5th Dan, 6th and 7th January 2018. This is like what was being done last year, with an seminar held by Emi Shoguchi, World Champion,Japan.

The next one up on the schedule: summer camp 24th – 26th August 2018 with Kensaku Yamamoto Shihan and Emi Shoguchi Sensei! We will give you some videos to getting “warmed up” !

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