Kyokushin Open Norway 2019 – Results

Saturday 16th February, the Kyokushin Open Norway was held in Bergen. The tournament runs smoothly – as always, the well drilled crew from Bergen Karate Club – 50 years anniversary of the year (!) Kyokushin Open could this year give us fighters from Sweden, Italy and Poland – and of course Noway. Denmark was for a while in the tournament as well, but pulled due to the lack fighters in the given category. Top positions was given to all nations, but it is fair to say that Poland made the biggest impression – this year.. (picture from

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Hungarian nationals results 2019

Knock Down Kyokushin Karate Hungarian Championship 2019 results. 16 February ,Hungary nationals with a good level naturally, being a nation with several top competitors measured up against the European top level.

  • The best male competitor: Zoltán Georgiádes
  • Best female competitor: Lilla Herczeg
  • Best technical male competitor: Mór Farkas Fekete
  • Most technical female competitor: Mező Lili

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EKO – European Championship 2019

Lithuania, where Full Contact Karate is the most popular sport in the country, their athletes are among the best in the world, and where the national Karate organisation runs a highly professional business. The European Championship Shinkyokushin will be held in Vilnius, Siemens Arena 13th & 14th of April. And as before, being a World Championship year, the level of the tournament and the preparation of everyone will be at an absolute maximum

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Lithuanian national – results 2019

Being one of the top nation in Full Contact Karate, The Lithuanian national will always bee a interesting tournament to follow. Battle for the top position and the right to represent their nation into major tournaments – the fights will be at an significant level. Taking into considerations that some of absolute top fighters are qualified all ready.. Picture 

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CARPATHIA CUP 2019 – results

On January 26, 2019,over 700 competitors from Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Canada, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary and Poland competed in the 9th edition of the Carpathia Cup in Rzeszów , Poland.Kumite and Kata, all ages and categories, organized at six Tatamis. The tournament has been growing and expanded to one of the bigger tournaments, and this demands hard work and the ability to upgrade the organizing as well.

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Danish Open 2019

With great tradition and history: the Danish Open are back on the calendar! The tournament are held every other year, opposite year of the Swedish Open. However it was not held in 2017 when the Danish organisation was the host of the European Championship.

The tournament has been presenting fighters with top European merits, and the Danish organisation always present their strongest team!And as we have seen before – this could be last tournament before the World Championship for many of the top fighters!

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The 11th Kokoro Cup – Fighters!

Kokoro Cup 2018 will set a worthwhile sentence on an extremely strong 2018, where a number of significant tournaments have been held. We are still hearing the echo of Open-weight EC in Hungary, and with some of the main players from this EC – who meet Japanese fighters in Poland this upcoming weekend – as said, this will be the last Kaboom for this year!!

A national contest between Japan and Poland, with five fights lined up. A little different set up as we are used to see in the Kokoro Cup – no not less interesting!

The event will be streamed LIVE!

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