British Open 2017 – The Lithuanians are coming!

September 9th was the deadline for entries in the British Open 2017, and almost 100 fighters are ready for this years edition. One could early see that the entries was changing the usually picture regarding to which organization and countries that was coming. The list of profiled fighters is a little more modest than last year, but there is no doubt about that several high class fighters are ready.

British Open 2017, 23rd September.

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Poland in All Japan Open!

The 49th edition of legendary All Japan Open Championship will be held 14/15 October 2017. This time with other nations represented, as it has been before. From Europe Poland has a strong team, not only strong national standard, but top fighters in the European level…

This is not the first time Poland s been competing in the All Japan Open Championship,as we remember at the 45th All Japan Open several nation attended, Spain, Australia, Kazakhstan and Poland – and at the end of the day it was Poland who came out with the best results from the visitors…

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Kyokushin Open Norway 2018

Kyokushin Open Norway 2018 will be held in Bergen, Norway 14th April!

Organized by the oldest Kyokushin Dojo in Norway, Bergen The Kyokushin Open have a great history of international fighting. Two years back Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway attended the tournament, several organisations, styles and independent full contact practitioners joined. Last year new nations entered the tournament, as Hungary and Italy joined!

And ladies – sharpen your shins, as before in this tournament there will be no shin-protection in the women`s category.

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The 49th All Japan Open 2017

October 14th (Sat) and Sunday 15th (Sun) in 2017, The 49 All Japan Open Tournament will be held in Tokyo, Japan. This legendary tournament with great traditions has always held a very high standard, and winners are highly regarded.

In the last edition, 94 fighters was fighting for the top spot in the men`s division, and 29 in the women`s division. Among the line up,, several champions was to see, and fighters from many Full-contact organizations participated in the tournament – and made it if possible even harder!

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Youth Tournaments 2017

We recently witness a spectacular Dream Festival 2017, who gathered 2318 participants! The number of participants and the festival grows for each year and it is not possible to image how much work that is put down! We know that this will be followed up by the Hungarian Dream Cup in September, and the European Championship U-22 and cadets in Poland, November. Dream Cup in Hungary will not only apply to the younger age, but also to fighters in the “Old Masters Categories” Latest now: Kaunas Karate Championship 2017 also are added to the scheduled..

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Elite tournaments 2018,2019,2020 and 2021!

Yesterday it was confirmed that in four years the next World Championship in Weight categories will be held in Poland! this has been rumored before, but now it is confirmed!

Poland are really on fire at the time. Not only will they host the 7th World Championship in Weight Categories in 2021, but as we know U-22 and Open weight this Autumn, the European Championship in May 2018. But what about EC in 2019 and 2020? Now as the plans are made, the preparations begin!

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