Swedish Open 2018 – It`s on!

The 7th edition of Swedish Open will be held this September, and for sure the this is a “must go” event! All that has been at this tournament know the very high standard in total.

Remember it is three categories for men and two for women – and note: ONLY 16 fighters limits in each category, held every other year – so if you`r to late it will be two years to the next time. We know that signing up has begun, and besides that Sweden got their own top fighters the tournament will have top European fighting standard!!

For information: Official website and direct link to registration.

A unofficial teaser from previous years, old posters, clips wrapped in a summer theme!


The Karate Dream Festival 2018


Karate Dream Festival 2018 International Championship-Tournament! This year with over 3000 participants! The pattern continues to be the same as we have seen lately – WKO Shinkyokushinkai continues to systematically build up grate events in different format to different “use” With over 3000 karatekas – it can only be a Karate Dream!

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Kunihiro Suzuki in 1st All Kanto Karatedo Championships

(Picture from WC 2013 Kunihiro Suzuki vs Brian Jakobsen)

Nicholas Pettas, Tatsuya Iwasaki, Kunihiro Suzuki,Hajime Kazumi – and more in this classic tournament where we can follow the fights of the to finalists..

Kunihiro Suzuki – one of the icons in Kyokushin Full-Contact Karate World. A true fighter in a depth than the most of us only can dream of. One of the persons that has given proof of that it is more important to participate and give it all – than being measured only by your number in the tournament.

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1/4 final action from The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship!

JFKO continues to share videos from The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship, and the quarterfinals from the heaviest category attracts our attention. The level among the fighters is very high, and at this stage they had fought 3 or 2 fights.

Kembu Iriki (Japan) vs Maciej Mazur (Poland)
Kosei Ochiai (Japan) vs Shin Kameyama (Japan)
Kazuya Yamamoto (Japan) vs Edgard Secinski (Lithuania)
Ilya Yakovlev (Kazakhstan) vs Yuji Shimamoto (Japan)

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The 1st IFKC – Full contact karate – as it is supposed to be!

The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship, Full contact karate – as it is supposed to be! Ahead of the tournament one could imagine – or hope that the tournament would be an extension from the JFKO All Japan Open, and all ready at that point it would be a very good start. But as we now know, the tournament became a highlight and a display of how the Full Contact Karate are different – but the same..

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European Shinkyokushin 2018 – quick look at the tournament!

The European Championship Shinkyokushinkai 2018 are history, winners are crowned and memories are captured. Poland guided safely all trough the event, and ensured all that the World Championship in Weight Categories will be taken care of – if someone ever doubted! Shin-EC 2018 made a very strong statement adding more categories and not only keeping the level of fighting but even raise it as well. Transition from U-22 into the seniors are well proven, the weighing of champions and merited fighters from all across Europe are well pointed out. – and yes, Dimitrov is back!

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The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship – DRAW

The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship will soon be held. Everybody that are into Full Contact Karate knows that this will be the grates event that have been held in recent times. The gathering of Full Contact fighter from different styles/organizations have really been a success – and as all can see the categories are filled with a huge number of fighters – and not to forget all the profiles from different backgrounds..

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