Swedish Open 2018

Swedish Open 2018 just hit the calendar, and even so that this is ahead of us in time, it would be a point to give it some extra attention! We all know that the tournament hold a very good level, and that together with the great result Sweden showed at the U22 European Championship gives us an idea that the level will increase further – only counting in Sweden`s own fighters! Besides that we also know that very strong nations as Lithuania and Poland with more will take the challenge…!

Note: not official poster!

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Kokoro Cup 10

Kokoro cup is undoubtedly one fully professional tournament in every way. And this year’s version is guaranteed not to disappoint. Very strong name is always attending, athletes from Japan, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Lithuania with more to name a few, and of course Poland’s own top performers.

Also this year it is clear that a visit from Japan will be attending, something that clearly adds some “spice” to the event. Together with the tournament, it is also command to hold a top level seminar.

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The 34th Tohoku Karate Tournament

The 5th November The 34th Tohoku Karate Tournament was held, Organized by the Fukushima Branch. Making it three in a row, the 8th World Champion Kunihiro Suzuki once again takes the title – as Naoki Hashimoto also repeat his results from last year, being the runner up. Another popular feature was a demo with two former top fighters and performers: Emi Shoguchi and Kumiko Sunakawa.

Results, pictures and videos follows..


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22nd BRANKO BOŠNJAK MEMORIAL – Winners from multiply nations crowned

Saturday 14th October the 22nd BRANKO BOŠNJAK MEMORIAL was held, and as always did the tournament live to its expectations. After at day with many great fights, the results was ready and it is fair to say that it was a results spread out over many nations. Hungary made a very strong impression, being the nation with most wins. A another nation did also made a strong impression – France. Winning two categories and also taking best fighting spirit award women by Camille Haddouche.

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22. Memorijal Branka Bošnjaka – Line Up!

In one week the will the legendary 22. Memorijal Branka Bošnjaka take place in Croatia. A very strong international line up with fighters from 12 countries. A good mix  of fighters from the European region, and many up and coming young fighters that will strengthen their record.

Nations represented in this years tournament: Denmark, Sweden,Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, France, Greece, Austria, Afghanistan and Croatia as the host.

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British Open 2017 -predictably as unpredictable

British Open 2017 are history and the result are well known. Naturally this years tournament was a bit more modest than last year’s edition – that we feel is right considering that last year was the 40 years celebration tournament. As announced did nations such as Lithuania, Hungary and Poland their impact on the podium, and Russia as the tradition is. The tournament have its own way when it comes to rules, decisions, breaking and the use of Hikiwake. This makes the tournament just as predictably as unpredictable. The ref are based on feedback from practitioners and teams that were present, and the live stream.

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British Open 2017 – The Lithuanians are coming!

September 9th was the deadline for entries in the British Open 2017, and almost 100 fighters are ready for this years edition. One could early see that the entries was changing the usually picture regarding to which organization and countries that was coming. The list of profiled fighters is a little more modest than last year, but there is no doubt about that several high class fighters are ready.

British Open 2017, 23rd September.

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Poland in All Japan Open!

The 49th edition of legendary All Japan Open Championship will be held 14/15 October 2017. This time with other nations represented, as it has been before. From Europe Poland has a strong team, not only strong national standard, but top fighters in the European level…

This is not the first time Poland s been competing in the All Japan Open Championship,as we remember at the 45th All Japan Open several nation attended, Spain, Australia, Kazakhstan and Poland – and at the end of the day it was Poland who came out with the best results from the visitors…

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