NKO i Stora Höga Open

Så var det klart for Stora Höga Open, som avholdes i Sverige ikke langt fra Gøteborg. Dette er et bredde stevne som geografisk ligger meget gunstig til for region øst, og som har vært fast på kalenderen i flere år. I årets utgave var nivået jekket opp noen hakk – og NM tittler sto ikke så høyt i kurs som man skulle ønske. Bergen, Oslo Ringerike og Arendal tok turen, og stillte i full bredde!

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The 7th All Japan Full Contact Karate Championships

The 7th All Japan Full Contact Karate will be held 21st and 22nd May. Year after year we are impressed by the level and the number of fighters at such a high level. With 5 categories in the men’s division, that gives us in total 274 fighters, 4 categories in the women’s division with 98 fighters in total. Again the land of Karate, Japan lead the way.

The 7th All Japan Full Contact Karate – official website JFKO
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Shinkyokushin EC 2022

Saturday 2, April, in one hectic day – the European Championship Shinkyokushin was held in Tarnów, Poland. Trough the difficult times recovering after Covid – and now with the attack on Ukraine, many assumed that it would have an impact at the championship – how much? Some podium was untouched as others turned up side down.

All picture used in this article, taken by Svein Olaf Bennæs / NKO Shin Norway
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7th World Championship 2022 – Team Japan

36 fighters from Japan WKO are ready to the 7th World Championship in weight categories. Winning seven out of eight weight categories last edition in Kazakhstan 2017 – Japan, consider to be the number one heavy favorite this time as well. Not only possess Japan a very high level all over, but 36 fighters from the same nation does also weigh heavily in.

MOTE:Not official poster
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NKO til EM i Polen 2022

NKO sender tre representanter til EM i Polen 2.april 2022, og som alltid er det tøffe tak i vente. Som foregående EM, så er det er rent senior EM. Land som Litauen, Polen, Ukraina, Georgia har tatt EM og VM medaljer i andre Kyokushin forbund også, med andre ord NKO møter flere av de beste utøvere i Europa for ikke å si verden.

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European Team – Men 2022

Are the European region ready to face the rest of the world next year? Well, time will show – but of course with the 53rd All Japan Open fresh in mind, the excitements just raises. Japan will be a challenge for all, but we can not forget regions as Central Asia – Kazakhstan and Russia as well..

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53rd All Japan Open results

Kembu Iriki pulls trough a very tough All Japan Open – Iriki been top three six times, in the last seven All Japan Open’s. Includes winning the 48th & 52nd edition – as he now does in the 53rd edition. Chihiro Kubota defend her tittle from the 52nd, and a raising star comes into the final in Suzuki Mihiro. Two major victories was pulled of this weekend, 1. To face the challenge, organizing a tournament with the covid-19 and AND to manage to gather so many different fighters from different schools.

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