TBST Summer camp 2018

TBST Tomasz Basiak Shinkyokushinkai Team, keep great events coming. In a short time the will organize a seminar with Shihan Kumiko Sunakawa 5th Dan, 6th and 7th January 2018. This is like what was being done last year, with an seminar held by Emi Shoguchi, World Champion,Japan.

The next one up on the schedule: summer camp 24th – 26th August 2018 with Kensaku Yamamoto Shihan and Emi Shoguchi Sensei! We will give you some videos to getting “warmed up” !

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Kumiko Sunakawa seminar 2018!

6th and 7th January 2018, Poland, TBST (Tomasz Basiak Shinkyokushin Team) will organize a seminar with no other than Kumiko Sunakawa Shihan 5th Dan, Japan. Sunakawa very well known all over the world for her excellent skills,but maybe even more known for her capability to pass on Shinkyokushin Karate to everyone who wants.

Highly respected for her karate skills, a technician and a fighter at the top level in Shinkyokushin Karate world. Now Dojo operator for Ochanomizu  Dojo, and well known to hold lessons in Karate camps worldwide.

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Anatolii Zhuravel, Ukraine

Anatolii Zhuravel, Ukraine

A very interesting young fighter with good all round skills, aggressive strong style combined with good techniques and combinations – and proven several times capacity to end fights before full time. Fresh off a solid win in the Szolnok European Cup 2017, being double EC-22 Champions 2015/16. Runner up in the KWU EC in 2016, and made a very strong impression in the 11th World Championship in 2015, when he made it to the second day beating Japanese top fighter Kazuya Yamamoto among others.

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Valeri Dimitrov seminar 23/9 2017

Saturday 23rd September Tomodachi Dojo, Switzerland, will organize a seminar with Valeri Dimitrov Sensei! Do not miss the opportunity to train under the lead of one of the best fighters we have. A fighter that have taken more medals and top spots alone than many national teams have done together! But for all that know Valeri Dimitrov, it is something more than than an extraordinary fighter. Get ready to amused at several levels – 23rd September – make room in the calendar!

Valeri Dimitrov 4th Dan, Bulgaria.

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Kata seminar – Hungary 2017

Hungary starts of this fall semester with several highlight. Fighters are waiting for the Europa Open Szolnok Kupa, held 2.September, 2017.An very tough and high level tournament that all fighter will have on their record. But as it is now, not only sharped fighters should make place in the calendar. Shinichi Sotodate Shihan 6th Dan, will also have a Kata seminar during this weekend!

Shinichi Sotodate Shihan 6th Dan, was recently awarded 6th Dan for his long time hard work in the WKO, traveling around the world has been common.

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More “gold” for profiles!

As the most of you know, new grades from WKO was announced some days ago, as always we like to take a closer look at some of the persons that have been awarded a higher rank. We released many (especially younger practitioners) do not know many of the profiles that for many years have given enormous contribution to WKO – and still do!

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Strong achievement from Hungarian profiles

In connection with this year’s World Championship in Kazakhstan, Astana, there have been meeting activities, training and graduation to higher degrees. This time there were several well-known WKO profiles who stood on the ranks to test their level. Among the grades two very Significant persons was at the line of testing. We are taking a look towards Hungary this time..

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Konrad Kozubowski, Poland

konrad2017Konrad Kozubowski, Poland.

Is a very good performer who holds top level in both Kata and Kumite. This year, 2017, he noted 2nd place in Kumite and 1st place in Kata in the European Championship. In the EC context, he has been well-placed several times and also won the Kata class. Polish Champion more than one time in Kata and Kumite, and many remember a strong performance in Swedish Open, ending as the runner up in a Top European line up, light weight category.

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大山 倍達 Ōyama Masutatsu, July 27th, 1923 – April 26, 1994

554722_4028595471970_279844951_n – Kopi大山 倍達 Ōyama Masutatsu.

July 27th, 1923 – April 26, 1994.

Ōyama Masutatsuwho founded Kyokushin Karate, considered the first and most influential style of full contact karate.

No doubt that Kyokushin Karate changed – not only the karate aspect, but the Full-contact setting in total.

Where had you been today without Oyama, and Kyokushin Karate?

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