WKO Kagami Biraki – New Year Training 2018

The annual New Year’s training is completed. The training was led by WKO Shinkyokushinkai its own president, Midori Kenji Shihan 8.Dan. During the training top Shinkyokushinkai Karatekas preformed demonstration at top level with Kata and Kumite. Midori Kenji Shihan led the Hihon session before a Kumite demonstration by World Champion Yuji Shimamoto and vice World Champion Kembu Iriki.

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Rankings 2017!

An amazing job done ranking all the fighters of the world! We stated that it is not possible to do so longer regarding to all tournaments and organizations – luckily we had totally wrong! To have control and overview over the 100 best male fighters in four categories, and thirty of the best female fighters in three categories are really impressing. The most of you have seen it already, but just in case Check out Kyokushin Fighters. an extended arm from kyokushin results!

Women Finals of the year 2017 – Inspirations..

As in the previous article we will look at some of the finals held in 2017. This time it is directed against women classes and some of the athletes who have been prominent there. As in the men’s division, unfortunately we could not get as many we wish. World Championships, European Championships, Open tournaments – it`s all there!

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3rd KWU World Championship – Men`s categories

The 3rd KWU World Championship are history, we will now take a look at the men`s divisions. Nine world champion tittles was on the line,and there was several interesting profiles from the different nations. Many of the fighters have been incredible active, and been fighting all over the world in many open, European and World tournaments. Could they reach their peak at this tournament?

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3rd KWU World Championship – Women categories

The 3rd KWU World Championship are history, we will first take a look at the women`s divisions. One of the most impressing things must be how the little country Lithuania can produce so many, and so high level professional fighters. Other thoughts is in the opposite direction,  with this professional level from Russia, Lithuania – is so that we are going in a direction so professional that it will exclude the regular participant?

It`s time to be professional?

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Going the distance – that`s a highlight!

We brought together some videos of various fights that we like to watch. We can already tell you that there will be no knock out`s – maybe a waza-ari or two, but no K.O. To be frank we get a little bit tired from time to time of all the “best of” collections with half the time of the videos we actually are looking on unconscious people. We choose to set this a bit on the edge, of course, but the point is, there’s so much more in a very good and hard fight than “just” decision on who will win the fight.

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Jimmie Collin – last dance

Today Saturday 25th November – Sweden`s top fighter for many years Jimmie Collin enter his last tournament. Jimmie Collin enters the Sweden national tournament, and as always he is not afraid to challenge himself. Entering the heaviest weight category will for sure be a challenge – but this mindset describe just why Jimmie Collin has been one of the top fighter in Europe for many years.

⇐ Jimmie Collin, Sweden. Thank you for motivation and inspiration. Showing that it is possible to reach goals with hard work and dedication. Osu  SH

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TBST Summer camp 2018

TBST Tomasz Basiak Shinkyokushinkai Team, keep great events coming. In a short time the will organize a seminar with Shihan Kumiko Sunakawa 5th Dan, 6th and 7th January 2018. This is like what was being done last year, with an seminar held by Emi Shoguchi, World Champion,Japan.

The next one up on the schedule: summer camp 24th – 26th August 2018 with Kensaku Yamamoto Shihan and Emi Shoguchi Sensei! We will give you some videos to getting “warmed up” !

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Kumiko Sunakawa seminar 2018!

6th and 7th January 2018, Poland, TBST (Tomasz Basiak Shinkyokushin Team) will organize a seminar with no other than Kumiko Sunakawa Shihan 5th Dan, Japan. Sunakawa very well known all over the world for her excellent skills,but maybe even more known for her capability to pass on Shinkyokushin Karate to everyone who wants.

Highly respected for her karate skills, a technician and a fighter at the top level in Shinkyokushin Karate world. Now Dojo operator for Ochanomizu  Dojo, and well known to hold lessons in Karate camps worldwide.

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