British Open 2017 – quick results

British Open 2017 quick results

Men Middleweight

  1. Vytautas Cepla (WKO Lithuania)
  2. ​Gabor Rozsa  (WKO Hungary)
  3. Zsolt Zsiga (IBK Hungary) & Claibourne Henry (IFK USA)


Men Lightweight

  1. Daniel Redondo (Rengokai, Spain)
  2. Anton Adushkevich (IFK Russia)
  3. Vilius Lipnickas (WKO Lithuania) & Alexandr Tomilov (IFK Russia)

Men Heavyweight

  1. Aleksandr Karshigeev (IFK Novy Urengoy Russia) Fastest KO
  2. Jean-Paul Jacquot (WKO France)
  3. Edgard Secinski (WKO Lithuania) & ​Roel Noordman (IFK Netherlands)

Women Heavyweight

  1. Chelsea Kerklaan (IFK Netherlands)
  2. Gabija Gudeliauskaite (WKO Lithuania)
  3. Agata Winiarska (WKO Poland) & Aneta Meskauskiene (IFK Ireland)

Men Middleweight

  1. Vytautas Cepla (Saules Zenklas, WKO Lithuania)
  2. ​Gabor Rozsa  (WKO Hungary) Spirit Award
  3. Zsolt Zsiga (IBK Hungary) & Claibourne Henry (IFK USA)

Women Lightweight

  1. Emma Markwell (UK IFK) Best British fighter
  2. Anna Efremova  IFK Russia)
  3. Hayley Beth Rowlands (BKK UK) & Teona Gazdeliani (Rengokai, Spain)

Top 4 – British Open predictions

Yesterday the seeding was complete for this years British Open, and out from that we like – as always – to speculate on the results. This is a heartless thing to do sometime, because one feel that many of the fighters just are being ignored. But we also know that the favorites get the most attention. Entering the Tatemi really say something about you, in or loose,it is a lot harder than one can imagine. Prediction coming up – prove us wrong, that would be something to write about!


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British Open 2017 – The Lithuanians are coming!

September 9th was the deadline for entries in the British Open 2017, and almost 100 fighters are ready for this years edition. One could early see that the entries was changing the usually picture regarding to which organization and countries that was coming. The list of profiled fighters is a little more modest than last year, but there is no doubt about that several high class fighters are ready.

British Open 2017, 23rd September.

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Anatolii Zhuravel, Ukraine

Anatolii Zhuravel, Ukraine

A very interesting young fighter with good all round skills, aggressive strong style combined with good techniques and combinations – and proven several times capacity to end fights before full time. Fresh off a solid win in the Szolnok European Cup 2017, being double EC-22 Champions 2015/16. Runner up in the KWU EC in 2016, and made a very strong impression in the 11th World Championship in 2015, when he made it to the second day beating Japanese top fighter Kazuya Yamamoto among others.

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Poland in All Japan Open!

The 49th edition of legendary All Japan Open Championship will be held 14/15 October 2017. This time with other nations represented, as it has been before. From Europe Poland has a strong team, not only strong national standard, but top fighters in the European level…

This is not the first time Poland s been competing in the All Japan Open Championship,as we remember at the 45th All Japan Open several nation attended, Spain, Australia, Kazakhstan and Poland – and at the end of the day it was Poland who came out with the best results from the visitors…

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