Kyokushin Open Norway – all in!

This Saturday, 14th April, the Kyokushin Open Norway was held. The expectations was growing after strong nations as Lithuania, Sweden and Italy made their entry. The tournament made a significant lift from previous years, and during the day we could see strong international Full Contact fighting, which contains all that one wants a tournament to have! Lithuanian was expected to reach top possessions, but Sweden and Italy had some other plans..

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NKO klare for EM 2018

11og 12 Mai avholdes Europamesterskapet i Polen. Shinkyokushin EM avholdes hver vår da i vektklasser og i Kata. Senior og eldste Juniorklassen. (16/17) Hver høst er det U-21,U-16 og U-14 EM samt “Open weight” for senior dame/herre. Shinkyokushin EM holder skyhøyt nivå, og i startfeltet finner man utøvere som har tatt EM/VM titler i et flertall forbund rundt om i verden. Størrelsemessig er det få hvis noen som er større.

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Romanian International open Cup 2018

The beautiful city of SIBIU, European Cultural capital in 2007, will be the host for this competition. The city has an international airport and with it’s Historic center, Gothic arcades and Renaissance houses is common destination for tourists.

The competition will be open to all Organizations and will include Kumite and Kata events for Children, U16, U18 and U21 competitors as well as +35 Master competitors.

Guidelines and info..

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EC Shinkyokushin 2018 – continues to grow!

In 2015, last time the EC was held in Poland, the line up had 150 senior fighters. Now the Shinkyokushin EC have expanded even more, After good growth it has become natural to add more categories, and with that the number of performers has also increased. And keeping it to the European region makes it makes it easy to measure when it comes to growth. The Eastern Europe countries has always been strong, but also others are making significant progress..

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Kyokushin Open 2018 – Shaping up!

INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION: The categories are starting to shape up nicely, and one can expect some last minutes registration – as always! Lithuania, France, Italy, Sweden and of course Norway are ready! Norway filling in their Norwegian champions to test their skills against highly respected international fighters who participate in the tournament!

The goal of the tournament is to spread, and lift the Fullcontact karate in Norway, in that focus all participation is highly appreciated.

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The place to be next weekend!

Next weekend the annual Danish fight camp will be organized, and all know this camp are only getting bigger, better and more interesting (if that`s possible) At the regular basis, Danish and Swedish fighters has been weight of the camp, but slow and surely other nation joined in. We all know that it is many camps “like this” around, but this is a camp “you have to fell to believe”

This years extra, is that many high profiled fighters are joining in, and we speak about some of the best there is. The Danish union, with the man responsible for this, Mathias Halberg, many years top fighter know exactly how the the winning recipe must be! This is not any “selfie-camp” you train,develop and earn from a winning karate environment!

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Easter time is video time!

During the holidays it might happens that we got some spear time, and what could be better than some old but good fights?! As usual we are not looking for the best knock outs when we choose videos.

It might happen of course, but a really good fight do not necessarily have to end up with one of the fighter laying on the floor… but it could happen! That`s one of the Joker that makes it interesting..

Picture Justinas Kvietka, Lithuania, Kokoro Cup Poland 2014

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The 1st International Fullcontact Karate Championship – Top World level!


– and that in many ways! The 1st International Full Contact Karate Championship line up blows the roof sky-high together with the expectations of this tournament. All knew that the huge support would give us a strong tournament. But this is far more than a great number of fighters. Some of the best fighters of Russia, Europe, Asia and of course Japan are ready to challenge each others on the Tatami. European Champions, “Open” Champions and World Champions will make this tournament far beyond what we have seen in a long time..

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French Open 2018 – Results!

This weekend the 10th version of French Open was held. The support was very good, and the top nations in Europe was to find in the line up. The tournament had novice and “old masters” categories also, besides the elite category. French team made a very strong tournament at home soil, winning several of the elite categories.

Some of the other countries that was attending in the tournament this weekend :Lithuania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia and Kuwait…

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