International Shinkyokushin Camp – Turkey

27-29th September, Shinkyokushin Turkey will organize a camp – main instructor Muzaffer Bacak, Branch Chief of Turkey

In 2019. the 1st Shinkyokushin Camp Turkey was held, and that with a great success. Close to 150 participants across Turkey attended three days with training led by Muzaffer ‘Muzi’ Bacak – National Coach of Germany, with roots in Turkey.

Muzaffer Bacak made a name when he was active as a fighter at the absolute top level. European Champion, runner up in the World Weight category championship (MW) Runner up in the 7th World Championship 1999, 4th place in the World weight championship 2001 and 6th place in the 8th World championship 2003.

Proven to be at such a high level, the retirement of fighting was taken over by being highly wanted as a guest instructor in different camps.

Do not hesitate – check out the camp for 2024 with Muzaffer Bacak, and a Shinkyokushin Turkey growing as we speak!

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