Fights of the year 2023 – Women

2023 – this was the year of the many World Championships, in all shapes, levels and categories. Further on the regular major tournaments was held, as European Championships, All Japan Opens and others. Quite many competitors fought in several EC and World Championships trough the year.. Photo: Okiem Sportowca 

So-Kyokushin, IKO Nakamura, WKB, IKO1, Shinkyokushin WKO, Kyokushin Union Rengokai and more –  We would give you even more clips, but many of the tournaments are only in a 4-8 hour video (from the stream with middle quality), and/or PPV. Next time! Photo: Okiem Sportowca 

5th Kyokushin Rengokai Cup World Karate Championship. Asako Reimi (Best Technique) vs Yokoyama Aiyu. Asako in a well known name in the women’s division. Been one of the absolute top fighters in Japan for many years. Very active, and have top spots in several All japan Open’s across the organizations this year, as last year, but lost her first fight in the World Championship WKO, for some surprising.

The KWU organized their first World Cup (Open Weight this year), Agnes Westrin (Sweden) – Amina Dossymbek (Kazakhstan) Westerin went trough the year with great success taken several titles home. Westerin was awarded the Best technique award in this tournament, her opponent was awarded the Spirit award. Both moved on the each another World Championship, Amina Dossymbek took 2nd in the Kyokushin-Kan World Championships 2023, as Westerin cruses her way into another world championship – (kwf) title.

2023 All Japan Weight Tournament (Kyokushin Union) Women’s Lightweight Division Finals Miyagi Natsuki vs Meimi Kinjo. Meimi was in her second top final at this time,being the World Champion just some month before this final. Did win The 5th Kyokushin Union Cup World Karate Championship – before her sister, Anna Kinjo.

European Championship Shinkyokushin women’s category -55 kg. In this final we had the opportunity to see two new faces in this setting. Non of them had been seen on the podium before in this relation. Oliwia Kurzątkowska / Poland vs Anna Izdebska / Ukraine. The EC was held in Sweden for the first time, and likewise the fighters – the goods was delivered!

The 8th JFKO All Japan Open. Yuno Shimizu some said that she was be the favorite, having several good achievements trough the later time. But Facing All Japan Championship Byakuren Kaikan Karate champion Mori Miina / Seishinkai. This is a reminder og how high the level of the JFKO has become, champions meets here.

This year “everybody” went to a world championship. Never before have we seen so many different world championship like we did in 2023. World Kyokushin Budokai WKB organized their first Open weight world Championship this year, and did it with success. This time we end up in the semifinal – the reining WKB European Champion
Ruby Goedhart (The Netherlands) vs Berta Szalay (Hungary) We choose the semifinal, since it gives us an good example of the open weight format.

In between all the World Championships, some European Championships was set, and we take on the IKO1 EC,lightweight division. Leila Polak / Hungary made it to her second EC final (first in 2018) in the final the reign EC Champion and multiply podium holder Daria Dobkowska Szefer / Poland.

One of the biggest event this year would be the 13th World Championship Shinkyokushin, held in Japan. The open-weight World Championship gives every challenge one can expect. All ready in the 2nd round (and in their first fight) EC Champion Marija Sekunda / Lithuania takes on Airi Kan / Japan. (start the video, a little patience – and the right fight is on)

IKO Nakamura European Championship was held this year, and was organized in Poland. This was the first time IKO Nakamura held a European Championship. Poland was dominating in number an in results. We follows Gabriela Kurczyńska vs Anna Stankiewicz finał Senior -60 kg

SO-Kyokushin organized their 2nd World Championship this year. The Championship was supported from around the World , and had also several participants from different Japanese organisations. We dive into the final in the heaviest category Reina Yokuduka vs Rio Matsuda (Aka) (start the video, a little patience – and the right fight is on)

So many tournaments and Championships, to bad we can’t cover everything and everyone. Some throwbacks from earlier years – if you got some time left: 2022, 2021, 2020, We hope that 2024 will give us all development and joy a fighter can have!