Unique old video clip of Oyama Sosai, Shichinohe, Korusava, Midori, Matsui, Ogasawara!

Sosai_Masutatsu_OyamaFirst of all: we are all very grateful that these unique clips being uploaded on youtube and shared with all who practice Kyokushin karate and all others who have an interest in it. Big thanks and Osu to kyokushin karate.

It is also difficult for us to understand how much work these people have done in the name of Karate, promotee this out to others, spreading Kyokushin around the world. And how many have not these people motivated to practice and live by Kyokushinkai its life.


Mas Oyama Sosai 1983, France.

The 11th All-Japan tournament Oyama Sosai, and Kenji Sampei (?) the fighters oath.