back in the days…

seidikanThompsonBack in the days, the waza-ari`s never came easy! Some really old classic to see, and some of the non Japanese fighters who manage to leave a mark in the Kyokushin history in an early stage.

←Thompson, Costa and Wedel.


Michael Thompson facing Makoto Nakamure in the 3rd World Championship. Nakamura, 2nd World Champion, and he did also win the 3rd World championship. Thompson manage to reach top 32 in this tournament.

Nicholas Da Costa vs Akiyoshi Masui in the 4th World Championship. Matsui won the World Championship, and Nicholas Da Costa made it to the top 8. In the 3rd World Tournament Nicholas Da Costa was placed 6th, after loosing (injured) tho Kenji Sanpei.

(note: we allow to believe that there is a name-mix in the video,we believe this is Nicholas Da Costa and not Ademir Da Costa / Brasil who lost to Andy Hug in the same tournament)

Michel Wedel vs Akira Masuda. Wedel meets Akira Masuda in the 3rd World Tournament. Masuda was established himself in the Japanese topsheet, and it In other words among the best in the world ..