11th Kyokushin Open 2013 – info update!

The 28th September 2013,Norway, Bergen the 11th Kyokushin Open. The tournament is the only international tournament in in Norway..





Norwegian full contact Karate level, is not among the big names in Europe. But the desire to improve is huge. A part of this act is to travel outside the country and compete. Another factor is to try to get foreign fighters to come to Norway. Sweden has made a strong contribution to this tournament. The hope is strong that even more people will come to Norway this time to raise the level of the tournament, and the Norwegian full contact Karate.



The challenge …
Norway is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to legalizing martial arts. All full contact is regulated and controlled by the government, through the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation. Under these strict guidelines have the authority required all full-contact policy that is specific to Norway.




  • Helmet – All fighters must wear helmets.
  • Age – Only full Contact to the head in the age from 18-35 years
  • Fight time – if it is judged extension, it imposed a minute break before the next round.

Taking these regulations into consideration, together with the Norwegian level. This is a tournament that is well-suited for less experienced or novice fighters in full contact. Help us to build Full contact in Norway,and increase the level of fighters.

We hope to see you in Norway 28 September!!


Tournament contact : Sensei Nils Ove Dybsland, nohd@online.no

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