Kyokushin Open Norway 2019

Kyokushin Open Norway 2019 will be held in Bergen, Norway 16th February!

Organized by the oldest Kyokushin Dojo in Norway, Bergen The Kyokushin Open have a great history of international fighting. Three years back Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway attended the tournament, several organisations, styles and independent full contact practitioners joined. two year new nations entered the tournament, as Hungary and Italy joined! And Last year France and Lithuania!  And ladies – sharpen your shins, as before in this tournament there will be no shin-protection in the women`s category.

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The 50th All Japan Open Karate Championship – quick results

Top fighters of Japan and with that said also worldwide fought for the top spots and the right to fight in the 12th World Championship 2019. We give you the quick results after a great championship hosted by WKO Shinkyokushinkai, but also supported by top fighters from several organisations and Full Contact karate styles.

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Fighting Seminar 2019 – Denmark

The tradition of the excellent Fighting Seminar in Denmark keeps on, date and guest instructors are ready! But as we all know, there is something more than “only” a fight seminar with great instructors and top hospitality. What has been created in Denmark during all these years, are a solid recipe of all elements one must have to be successful at this. If we think about it, we have many seminars around, big camps – but growing stronger now 20 years after the beginning?

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11th Open European Kyokushin Karate Championship 2018 – Results

6-7th October the Swedish Kyokushin Union organized their European Championship. Several organizations participated, and once again Gothenburg, Liseberg, was the place for a Kyokushin event. Only three week back, The Swedish Ope war held, and some of the fighters showed great spirit and fought in both tournaments!

The tournament had 179 participants registered in total, and as we mention some of them fought at the same arena only three weeks ago, Simon Pålsson, Fady Allan, Mette-Marie Nielsen, Sanne Larsson, Moa Jensen..

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The 50th All Japan Open Karate Championship 2018

13th & 14th of October, The 50th All Japan Open Karate Championship will be held! A massive line up in this legendary tournament are set, and with tickets to the 12th World Championship at stake, we can only imagine how hard the preparations has been. top 4 men and top 2 women will represent Japan in the World Tournament next year..

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Fighters never rest!

As always at this time of the year, the Championships are lined up and the schedule are tight from the start after summer. A real highlight this Autumn is the European Championship in the open-wight category, held in Hungary. But before that several tournaments are going to be held, and also many has been held all ready – and as we speak a couple of them are being held now this weekend!

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British Open 2018 – Live and fight-card!

Saturday, October 6th, 2018 the traditional British Open will be held, and the line up of fighters are ready. The tournament will also be streamed live. Almost hundred fighters are ready to go, divided in three categories for men and two for women. Fighters from Europe and Russia will face each other on to mats, and as always it’s expected to be a long day with a lot of action. That said, the level between top and bottom has increased the latest year, so it is also expected that 1st round action can happen in blink of an eye!

British Open have their own way when it comes to proclaim winners, use of breaking and extensions. Russia will as always be one of the heavy favorite, this year as before.

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Russian Open-weight Shinkyokushin 2018

This Saturday the 29/9, The Russian Championship Open-weight was held. As in many regions and countries around at the time, the tournaments are aiming towards the 12th World Championship 2019. Russia region have a very high level, and with the top fighter Nasirov, Russia will for sure be notice in the World Tournament next year.

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