Sensei Christina Petersen – Danmark

Sensei Christina Petersen began her Kyokushin carrier for twenty ears ago. Started in 2003, and have no intention to slow down..



Where are most often Kumite athletes who receive the greatest attention. Perhaps not surprising, since Kumite get more prestige than Kata does. But respect for one who performer Kata, it is of course no less.

Sensei Christina Petersen who lives and train in Denmark, is also a member of the technical committee and a instructor at Karate Club Copenhagen. Petersen is one of the best Kata practitioner in the women division, and took the 1st place at the European Championship 2012 in Belgium. The high level was proven at the European Championship  in 2011 also, when Sensei Petersen stood for Kata demonstration during the intermission.

But Sensei Christina Petersen is a good all round Karateka, and mastering the Kumite as well as Kata, with merits to back it up. Training in Japan did also make a big difference, and going to Japan for training also tells a lot about a person and how dedicated the person is. Below is an older clip from living and training in Japan.

In 2008 the day was sat to San Dan for Christina Petersen. The clip are taken from the Kumite part, and show perhaps for some one a another side of Sensei Petersen.