Wallmen and Ilas seminar Sweden

This weekend there was a seminar with sensei`s Harris Wallmen (National coach Romania) and Marius Ilas (Top fighter of the world, multiply EC Champion) The occasion was an invitation from the Swedish national coach,Magnus Hanssen Sensei.

The experience of this training camp is hard to convey in words, but we’ll try ..

Sweden kick off gathered practitioners from all over Sweden, and a couple from Norway. All who is updated in full contact karate in the world has seen Romanian fighters, and not to mention their quality. The main profile, Sensei Marius Ilas is a chapter alone, but in this camp we also get to meet the man behind the Romanian national team: Sensei Harris Wallmen.

All top fighters have their own way of fighting whether in technique physics or personality. But not many have their own system. Sensei Wallmen Harris has a tremendous breadth of knowledge in martial arts. These are combined into modern Kyokushin fighting. To do this you must have a thorough understanding of the human body and how the mechanisms work. Many of the principles switch located on what is traditionally taught, but in depth explanations and exercises one realizes quickly that it is logical.

“The only thing that has passed through all time, is change.”

This picture of Sensei Annika Peterson and Sensei Virpi Alajarva, are to find : Banzai Kyokushin Karate

Through exercises we learn to feel when it was done correctly. The differences were huge, and with this the right feeling: lower energy use, while the effect of the technique multiplied. This combined with using opponent’s strength to your advantage. These elements have many skipped and the total set their time practicing raw strength. The logic is simple, if your style works only on those you are stronger than, it is not an effective style.

The second training the group was spit up in two. Sensei Wallmen with the Swedish national team, an Sensei Ilas with the rest of the camp. Sensei Ilas picked up there Sensei Wallmen had left. And both sessions was close fighting, or what many of us tough we mastered. Effective moves and techniques were put together. This made enough once the point clear. Economical and efficient fighting. Many of these details we can not see, we have to try them. And not least feel them. Many of us now had answers to why “damage done” is so high, we now could feel what the eye could not see.

As a tool, we got many training drills to work with. And once again it was with great enthusiasm workout went. Techniques to relax and contract the body at the right moment, along with breaking the rhythm played a central role.

And out of nowhere two training sessions, four hour was over….and we did not miss sparring!!

Sensei Marius Ilas with Norway`s participants.

The second day, Sunday, have to wait for this referent unfortunately had to return home Saturday night. Personal thanks to Magnus for hosting and inviting to this training camp.
Sensei Marius to share what he knows in his humble way.
Sensei Wallmen to renew and develop Kyokushin to a modern efficient full contact Karate.

Steffen Haukedalen WKO Norway.