Danish Open 2019

With great tradition and history: the Danish Open are back on the calendar! The tournament are held every other year, opposite year of the Swedish Open. However it was not held in 2017 when the Danish organisation was the host of the European Championship.

The tournament has been presenting fighters with top European merits, and the Danish organisation always present their strongest team!And as we have seen before – this could be last tournament before the World Championship for many of the top fighters!

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The 11th Kokoro Cup – Fighters!

Kokoro Cup 2018 will set a worthwhile sentence on an extremely strong 2018, where a number of significant tournaments have been held. We are still hearing the echo of Open-weight EC in Hungary, and with some of the main players from this EC – who meet Japanese fighters in Poland this upcoming weekend – as said, this will be the last Kaboom for this year!!

A national contest between Japan and Poland, with five fights lined up. A little different set up as we are used to see in the Kokoro Cup – no not less interesting!

The event will be streamed LIVE!

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EC Open-weight – strongest ever?

One or so week after the European Championship, and we are still amazed by the level and the dedications by all part into the tournament. Numbers of athletes and nations are high, the quality of the fighting or the Kata are without top level. Specially the level of fight, that have been measured up against world athletes from all over the world and across organizations.That this was going to be a very strong EC, there was no doubt, and it was seen early in the process. The number of athletes and not least who was in the line up made this clear.

Photo by Shin Norway, Svein Olaf Bænnes

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NKO med gode erfaringer i EM 2018

Et solid EM ble avholdt i helgen og NKO skaffet seg gode erfaringer. Som alltid er det Øst-blokk landene som dominerer, og det er land som Bulgaria, Polen og Litauen som tar pallen. Og apropo Litauen så fikk man et aldri så lite forhold til dem – eller rettere sagt 3 av dem. Nivået var skyhøyt, og som kjent så befinner Shinkyokushin sine utøvere i den absolutte verdenstoppen, og det på kryss av organisasjoner.

Åpenvekt EM skiller seg ut når det kommet til den taktiske delen, og det vil si i fothold til å fighte inn i mot en vekt avgjørelse. Tydelig å se denne gang var også hvordan top 8 var meget bevisste på energiforbruk i innledende runder, og gjorde akkurat det de måtte for å avansere.

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The 11th Kokoro Cup 2018 – tournament and seminar!

Kokoro Cup – a very professional tournament, always with a very interesting line up. Fighters from all over the world – but at the very best level! Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Poland.. The tournament has also been spiced up with Japanese fighters – and of course being held in Poland the home-fighters will not only defend their ground, they will do so with their very best fighters! This year the text: Poland vs Japan are added, and we know that once again Japan brings in fighters to Kokoro Cup.

The date 15th December, followed up with a seminar 16th December.

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European Championship Open Weight 2018 – Women’s division

European Championship Open Weight – in 1 week!The European Championship Shinkyokushin will take place on 23-24 November 2018, Friday and Saturday, in the city of Budapest, Hungary. The great support of the tournament gives us the hardest line up up to now! Not only in numbers, but also looking at the profiles ho attend – if one manage to reach the podium, it would be a great achievement!

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