Swiss Open Championship 2023

The date are in the calendar for the Shinkyokushin Swiss Open next year, and as we are used to, the Tournament can offer two days with action! Day one with the children and juniors, second day adults. Note: this edition also offers U-21 categories.

The Shinkyokushin Swiss Open tournament has been a solid tournament for many years. Good organizing and central placed in Europe give us a good reason to go. As we have seen all over Europe, many of the traditional “Open” tournaments has been struggling to keep it going, due to lack of support. Mainly this has been a factor among the seniors, and the reason is that the schedule are so tight with different types of European Championships /cups, qualifying tournaments or/and World Championship in different kind. We give you a video of the recently EC Champion winning this years tournament as well: Smilla Shaoru Søborg / Denmark

We need to keep this kind of events alive – these tournaments gives the fighters the possibilities to develop, include the mass and create friendship to the host and the nation who organize it. We give you a clip from the man in charge: Peter Steinmann Shihan, gives the 2007 edition a personal touch with a demo of Kata and Tameshiwari

All info to be found at the official website HERE