Spring Camp Norway 2023!

Kumiko Sunakawa Shihan and Mitsuhiro Izumi Sensei lead the Spring Camp Norway 2023, and showed true values and dept of the Karate Shinkyokushin!

The Spring Camp was held by Horten Karate club, Dojo operator Bård Brodshaug, supported by Branch Chief region East, Shinkyokushin Norway, Ole Thomassen Grejs. Practical facilitators (interpreter*) and camp planners / promoting: *Marleen Gregusson, Steffen Haukedalen and Svein Olaf Bennæs / president of the Norwegian organization. Amir Poya Ghazishoar board member and economical advisor.

Mitsuhiro Izumi, Marleen Gregusson and Kumiko Sunakawa

International support from Poland, Tomasz Basiak Branch, Basiak Shihan and Piotr Sztencel Sensei, professional photographer. Sunakawa Shihan will visit Poland, and Basiak Branch in 17th June, holding a seminar / camp. (for more information: UKS Sparta)

Basis for the camp, to strengthen knowledge of Full Contact Karate, continue relationship and cooperation with Japan, Sunakawa branch – Sunakawa Shihan & Izumi Sensei. The importance was high, since the Covid pandemic has kept this type of activity down.

High expectations – great experience!

The participant of the camp had high expectations – because Kumiko Sunakawa Shihan and Mitsuhiro Izumi are well known in Norway for their eminent skills. A little group of Norwegian karatekas have a strong relation into the Ochanomizu Dojo, Sunakawa Branch. Visits to Japan a natural thing to do. Not only in the relation of the World Championship, but in a higher frequencies that every 4th year. Combining trips to Japan and camps in Norway create a good continuity.

The knowledge and way of teaching done by Sunakawa and Izumi, shows the deep understanding of Karate, and the pure passion to share it to others. throughout the weekend the participants (counted eighty) received instruction in all elements of full contact Karate.

Connecting elements gives balance

With their deep understanding and knowledge, Sunakawa and Izumi connect all element of Karate into their training. This can be complicated – even with many years of training – but again, with top instructors all participants raises their level trough the drills and training. Sunakawa and Izumi shows many different ways when it comes to reaching the point.

Instruction at a higher level.

This total understanding that you often refer to and think you have, does not exist in Norway at the level that is presented during this weekend’s Spring camp in Horten. If there is something you would like to say you had – then it is precisely this! But being honest, especially with yourself and your environment – one must learn more, and practice more. The training is very demanding when it comes to the total focus that needs to be in place. In Ido Geiko and Kata training, the count is not fast, but the movement and techniques are extremely explosive! How muscles / relaxation and timing are connected to this, gives a tremendous effect when you get it right.

Exercises and training tools

Ochanomizu Dojo originates from Shihan Tokujun Ishi values and knowledge. Ishi who sadly passed away way too early in 2007. Ishi was one of the most influential people ever when it comes to technical development and understanding. Many call him (still) “the last true Karate master”, and was naturally placed high up in the WKO, as well as an instructor in So-Honbu. The camp’s instructors in Norway this weekend, Sunakawa and Izumi – have inherited and continue his legacy.

How to improve expositivity and strength with knowledge is a “long canvas to whiten”. But as proven during the weekend’s training, good instructors have many tools and exercises that trigger this – and you notice that you are wandering around what is right – which gives a sense of mastery and, in a sense, proof that this works. It is indescribable what kind of power you manage to deliver in your techniques, something you could feel when you stood behind the big-mitt – this despite the fact that they did not go full force!

Addresses more intelligent training

It doesn’t take long into the training, before you understand that you train differently, also in the physical aspect. Much more understanding means that physical training is geared towards practical use – and that physical training suddenly becomes far more technical. Again, you experience how everything is tied together, and in that way creates an enormous amount of training on the right things – incredibly inspiring!

David Cummins (left) and his team, together with Fredrik Grankvist /Sweden Kyokushin Union, Ale Karate Club  and Mitsuhiro Izumi and Kumiko Sunakawa

When the instructors also connect this in a fun way – they also show good pedagogical skills, the athletes relax their minds and body – while the focus is razor sharp. This was also a lesson to learn for many, what to relax and what to keep tight – and combined with the right moment of doing so as well.

Enjoy the camp in Horten

Trough the camp one could really enjoy the location, venue and all that this include, from sleeping to food. Horten karate Club with Bård Brodshaug Dojo operator, and his contacts and helpers, have done (and are doing) a considerable job precisely to keep the cost down when it comes to carrying out the camp. In other words, the quality is maintained – while the cost of participation is reduced. This is a significant job to be done – which is being done, and for the good of the community! This makes it easier to bring in youth – and of course more practitioners.

Hats off to Horten Karate Club and OSU for everyone who contributes!