Valeri Dimitrov Shihan – Videos all time EC

It is twenty years since Valeri Dimitrov entered the European Championship in Spain – his first European Championship. Since that time he has been the “one and only” We tried to gather some of the EC finals trough the twenty years, not every final can be find – but e did a decent try. The EC finals are from weight category championship.

In Spain 2001 Valeri Dimitrov Sensei also broke most board, and got the best fighter award. Quite strong achievement in a EC debut!

2003 Lithuania Valeri Dimitrov only 2nd place in the EC. A 2nd place in the EC is so high level that many never reach this, to reach the top four can be hard enough. (video not to find anymore) vs Muzaffer Bacak (Germany)

Did not fight in 2004

1st video from 2005 Denmark. Valeri Dimitrov  vs Mindaugas Pavilionis (Lithuania)

From 2006 Hungary Valeri Dimitrov vs Darius Gudauskas Lithuania (inc a clip from WC)

IN 2007 Lithuania. Valeri Dimitrov vs EDUARD JANOSHAVILI (Georgia)

In 2008 Bulgaria. Valeri Dimitrov vs Mindaugas Pavilionis (Lithuania)

In 2009 Ukraine. Valeri Dimitrov vs EDUARD JANOSHAVILI (Georgia),and this time in the +90kg

In 2010 Spain. Valeri Dimitrov vs Darius Gudauskas (Lithuania)

In 2011 Lithuania. Valeri Dimitrov vs Zsolt Balogh (Hungary)

In 2012 Belgium. The final was not held,Edgard Secinskij Lithuania could not fight, so the last fight in EC for Dimitrov was aginst Marciej Mazur (Poland)

2013 Switzerland. Final against countryman Vasil Vangelov Bulgaria

2014 Azerbaijan Final, a rerun from 2013 – Valeri Dimitrov vs Vasil Vangelov (no video to find)

2015 Poland. Valeri Dimitrov vs Maciej Mazur (Poland)

2016 Geordia – Valeri Dimitrov vs Maciej Mazur (Poland)

2017 Denmark, injured in the quarter final, did not fight the semi.

2018 Poland Valeri Dimitrov vs Salahat Hasanov (Azerbaijan)

2019 Lithuania. Valeri Dimitrov vs Juras Sokolovas (Lithuania)

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