Maciej Mazur vs Jimmie Collin

European Championship – Open weight in 2013, held in Oradea, Romania. Open-weight will always be interesting since we get fights across the regular weight-categories. That was the case in the final, where Marius Ilas (Romania) fought Antanas Klibavicius (Lithuania) We will look into the quarterfinal: Maciej Mazur (Poland) vs Jimmie Collin (Sweden)

Maciej Mazur had at the time entered the EC podium for the first time the year before – in 2012 with other worlds. He repeated this in in EC Switzerland in the spring 2013. Both times in the heavyweight category. Jimmie Collin was in two EC finals the year before this fight. EC final in middleweight in Belgium 2012, and in the Open-weight EC final the same Autumn vs Valeri Dimitrov.