2010 EC Shinkyokushin, Spain

Time fly, and ten years goes fast. European Championship Shinkyokushin was held in Spain, Logroño 4th – 5th June. Looking back, the level of top fighters attending in this edition was amazing. If we take the winners from both divisions, women and men, the champions was not only the best in Europe – but some of the best in the world! Look back, videos and full draw to find..

Margarita Čiuplytė, Inga Mikštaitė and Rita Pivoriūnaitė – all three top fighters from Lithuania. Word champion contenders, medals – world podium fighters. As for Čiuplytė, she was crowned as world champion in weight categories 2013. That after reaching the World Open Championship final in 2011. Mikštaitė also reached the World Open Championship final – recently, 2019 – became the KWU World Champion back in 2017. Pivoriūnaitė, KWU European Champion, World Open Championship contender, 3rd WC weight category holder. The EC in Spain 2010, did also mark the beginning of a change in the women’s division. The Lithuanian fighters took this year all three spots, and manage to do the same in 2011 and in 2012. From 2010 there has always been at least on Lithuanian EC champion in the women’s division.

Some videos from the top fights, and we starts with the women lightweight semifinal Melinda Mótzer / Hungary – Rita Pivoriūnaitė / Lithuania

Videos from Victoryclub

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Inga Mikštaitė / Lithuania vs Csenge Szepesi / Hungary – in the final in middleweight

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Margarita Čiuplytė / Lithuania vs Edit Abraham / Hungary – final heavyweight.

In the men’s division, the four champions consists of some of the very best about prominent fighters we’ve had. – and still have in one case. These are fighters that have an outstanding record, but in addition to this they have had unique styles that have influenced Fullcontact fighting to a great extent.

Donatas Imbras / Lithuania, Gábor Rózsa / Hungary, Marius Ilas / Romania and Valeri Dimitrov / Bulgaria. Thees four fighter do not need a introduction, their extreme records speak for them – and as for the most merited one Valeri Dimitrov – still impressing the full-contact world, changing the game, develops the fighting, his significance for full contact karate can hardly be measured or fully understood. Donatas Imbras – who can forget explosive techniques, tremendous drive and physical fighting? Gábor Rózsa, superb techniques, textbook clean fighting – always effective. Marius Ilas, a rare mix of magician and Kyokushin fighter, anything that was impossible became possible, his performance provides more depth than just a win / loos aspect.

Donatas Imbras / Lithuania vs Lukas Kubilius / Lithuania – Final, Super Heavyweight

Gábor Rózsa / Hungary vs Mikheil Tsiklauri / Georgia – Final, Lightweight

Marius Ilas / Romania vs Andžej Milevskij / Lithuania – Final, Middleweight

Valeri Dimitrov / Bulgaria vs Darius Gudauskas / Lithuania – Final, Light Heavyweight