18th Branko Bosnjak Memorial Full Results and more..

This years Branko memorial tournament is over, and as always the top quality of the organizers raised the level of the total in the entire tournament. familiar names at the top of the podium, divided between the top nations in Europe.




Women lightweight

  1. Sofia Szabo /Hungary
  2. Diana Maciute /Lithuania
  3. Lila Herczeg and Anett Leiter /Hungary

 Women middleweight

  1. Lidia Kormodi /Hungary
  2. Cecilia Wallin /Sweden
  3. Johanna Rapp and Dina Klajic /Sweden

Women heavyweight

  1. Csenge Szepesi /Hungary
  2. Nora Vaznelyte /Lithuania
  3. Kristina Kojundzic and Stela Oros/Croatia

Men lightweight

  1. Imre Molnar/Hungary
  2. Csaba Gal/Hungary Technical award
  3. Anthony Sénéchal/France and Nikolov Miroslav/Bulgaria

Men middleweight

  1. Marek Odzniak/Poland
  2. Domas Sutkus/Lithuania
  3. Tamas Popovics/Hungary and Mitchell De Bont/Holland

Men light heavyweight

  1. Richard Lizak/Hungary
  2. Marko Todorovic/Croatia
  3. Ivanov Nedelcho/Bulgaria and Jordan Miladinov/Bulgaria

Men heavyweight

  1. Dimitar Trampov Bulgaria Spirit price
  2. Antanas Kubavicius/Lithuania
  3. Kruno Terihaj/Croatia and Alexsander Muskhov/Bugaria

Marek Odzeniak from Poland shows good form ahead of Kokoro Cup and win the middleweight category in this year’s Branko Memorial. Marek has been one of Poland established fighters in recent years and may refer to several good merits. Look out for Marek Odzeniak 30. November as he fight at home soil in the 7th Kokoro Cup.


In the heavyweight category for women, the favorite Csenge Szepesi from Hungary follows up her Danish Open victory.Not many can hold her pace and she wins Branko Mermorial as she did last year. Croatian fighters shared third place, Kristina Kojundzic and Stela Oros, while Lithuania finished second with Nora Vaznelyte.


Hungarian dominance was the picture of this years tournament, and looking to the women division – all the 1st places taken by Hungarian fighters! Sofia Szabo in the lightweight, beating European Champion of 2012, Diana Maciute from Lithuania. In the middleweight Lidia Kormodi Hungary, pulled out a good victory in head of “Swedish wolf pack”  Cecilia Wallin, Johana Rapp and Dina Klajic.


In the men super heavyweight category, 48 years old Dimitar Trompov from Bulgaria makes his status ,if possible, even higher! Winning the title with with great conviction. Showing great skills by defeating Swedish powerhouse Pålsson in his first fight. Taking the next fight home with a knock out over homefigter sendt Trampov to the final,where he beat the Lithuanian challenger. This made an impression, and he was rewarded with the spirit award.


Hungarian up and coming fighter Richard Lizak takes his third victory during the last four weeks. Winning the Danish Open, and the Polish qualifying tournament to U22 EC and now the Branko Memorial.




Two eminent Hungarian lightweight fighters in the final with Imre Molnar and Csaba Gal. Last one also awarded with the Technical award, who tells every one about the strong level of competition.

Pictures from : Tamás Fekete 

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