Kokoro Cup 30th November

With a couple of months left, it’s time to look forward to Poland’s prestigious tournament, the 7th edition of Kokoro Cup, 30 November.The Tournament will take place in the Sports Hall located at ul. L. Staffa 3/5 in Warsaw.Fights will be conducted in an open weight formula.
We will do our best to meet your expectations. We are determined to make the Kokoro CUP not only a sport event, but also an occasion to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Kyokushin Karate and Shinkyokushin.


More top fighters from Poland are ready for Kokoro Cup, and also fighters from Belarus and Croatia are now in the line up. .and do not forget the top fighters from Japan as well : Kazuyą Yamamoto and Ikuya Kawabata

Ikua Kawabata and Kazuya Yamamoto both from Japan are ready for this years Kokoro Cup!

Kokoro Cup was first held in 2007, and has been held annually since then. It has had some changes and angles in the design, constantly improved the good concept.Kokoro Cup is an open weight tournament with fighters from all over the world. Over the years there have been junior tournament and elements of K-1 fights, in addition to that there has always been a spectacular show.

The tournament has the best Polish fighters to see, and in recent years this has been further improved with fighters from countries like Japan and Lithuania. There is great excitement associated with this year’s tournament – who lines up, not to mention who will be the winner of the 7th Kokoro Cup!

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