13th. World Championship – D Block – Women’s Division

The D block contains a perfect mix between experience and new blood – top level in both cases.

D Block

Some real sharp profiles will find each other in this block, and one of Europe’s sharpest will start the dance. Lili Mezo / Hungary – already well merited in the European region. Photo by Pi-photo.pl

Japanese fighters has stopped Mezo In the world championship context. However, this is the absolute top fighters of the world: Chihiro Kubota in 2019 (12th Open World Championship) Riri Ishihara 7th World Weight category 2022. Nevertheless, before Mezo can potentially face any Japanese fighter this time, she has to fight Julija Balčiūtė / Lithuania.

Julija Balčiūtė have a good pressure and drive forward, and will mainly pose a physical threat. However, that can be bad enough, considering that we have short preliminary rounds and decisions come quickly. In previous World Championships, however, we have seen that pressure (alone) can make the difference when it comes to a decision. She also has a 20 kg advantage.

That said Mezo is not a fighter that one easy can push back. Mezo have both skills, physical and technical capacity to meet most of the athletes who might come. Battle of the styles? We think so, but Mezo must consider being a hair sharper – taking merits and skills into consideration.

Reign World Champion in weight category – 55 kg Nichika Tomimura / Japan will face Eugenia Uba representing Uruguay, as she did in the 7th World Championship. Like now, Uba had a top contender in the first fight, Azu Kodama / Japan. It is fair to say that the possibility for a Tomimura vs Mezo fight I round two are quite high.

Next fight contains a very interesting match-up. Sayaka Kato / Japan, who has been on the World Championship podium three times in the weight category, and represented Japan in three World Open Championships – this will be her fourth. Years of experience on the highest level, very technical. Brigita Svinkūnaitė / Lithuania are also remarkable technical, very movable and high-paced fighter. Photo by Pi-photo.pl

Size matter they are equal – Kato are ten years older, meaning ten years more experienced. Will the experience be enough to tame the aggressive up and coming? We easily could wish this fight for extensions – because we think it can be that good.  Brigita Svinkūnaitė high pace, very technical – Kato probably the stronger in the pressure. Photo: NKO Shinkyokushin Norway

Alona Veresniak / Ukraine – one of the veterans in the game, will take on Lauranne Ratelle / Canada. Veresniak have all experience in the game, been fighting all over the world, in all different categories and open-weight championship. Photo by Pi-photo.pl

Lauranne Ratelle will be challenge in this fight, got some reach and weight advantage, well needed in this fight. Taking the experience and record of the two fighters, Veresniak will be the one ahead on paper. The winner will go up against one of the top contenders: Mihiro Suzuki / Japan. If Veresniak advances, she must raise the top level that she is known for – always facing the challenge, and proven to take out larger opponents in some occasions.  Photo: Okiem Sportowca 

Daughter of the legendary Kunihiro Suzuki – Mihiro Suzuki raises into the Full Contact Karate World – New blood with a large heritage. Reaching the final in the 53rd All japan Open at age 16 – challenging some of the best of the very best! On the podium 7th JFKO All Japan Open (weight-category) The 54th All Japan Open Champion.

Just challenge the top elite in Japan means that you have incredible skills – in every way. Despite her young age, Mihiro Suzuki shows impressive drive and raw strength, seems to grow stronger the longer the fight goes on – maybe not unexpected, if we assume that “the apple does not fall far away from the three” Mihiro Suzuki have the potential to reach top four, and even the final as well.