1 fight – 3 Wazaries!

The 3rd round of The 20th All Japan Open was intense and dramatic. Hiroki Kurosawa met Satoshi Yoshioka. With 3 Wazaries in the same fight, one can understand that the fight was more than exciting – and a little unusual. With the knock out expert Kurosawa on the tatami, wazari’s was not a rare thing – but who scored one and who scored two, and took the victory in this fight?

20th All Japan Open – 1988. After the first round in the tournament, was everything “normal” the favorites won their fights as expected. After that, several upsets came in the tournament and made the results unusual compared to other years.

1. Yasuhiro Kuwajima
2. Yutaka Ishi
3. Kenji Yamaki
4. Tetsu Yamaguchi
5. Mamoru Takahashi
6. Hussain Kamal
7. Makoto Kusakai
8. Hideki Shibata