3rd World Cup – 2005

A look back at the 3rd World Cup from 2005, held in June 18th & 19th, Osaka, Japan, 2005. Unfortunately, the video only contains fights from the men’s matches. As usual w want to give you a little more than only the video – so we dived into the archive and found the DRAWS for the tournament also. The results are of course well known – and discussed by fans i many years, but to see the level of the fighters from this tournament – that’s interesting!

Kunihiro Suzuki vs Donatas Imbras 2005,3rd World Cup.

Women and men had both three categories. The three “traditional” one, -70,-80 and +80 for men. This was the first edition it was three categories for women also. The video you will find below, and further down you will find full draw from all categories.