Dimitrov vs Mazur

During this year’s World Championship we saw another fight between two incredible athletes. It was as known, not the first time they met on the mat. And it was no coincidence that they would meet at this point in the tournament. We all know from previous matches how hard they have been and how much they cost to the athletes. We’ve gathered Dimitrov vs Mazur fights – do you know how many times they’ve met?

This was the semifinal i 2012. After the tournament this became what we remembered as the final – since Edgard Sečinski / Lithuania could not fight the final.

The next one are from 2014, and happen in Hungary. Oyama memorial – a world wide tournament with fighters from different part of the world – including Japan. This time the met in round 2. (results from the tournament) (DRAW)

Third one, and we are back in the European Championship, held in Poland. And this time it is the final.

The year after and the settings are alike, European Championship final – 2016 Georgia.

This time we are in the European Championship Open Weight, Hungary 2018

The last one in the line would be as you know from the 12th World Championship 2019