The focus is Kata!

Now and then we feel that the time should be dedicated to Kata. Kumite will on regular basis get the most attention, but the Kata part heave it`s natural place as well. There is no doubt about the huge effort and hard work to reach technical level one have to possess entering the tatemi for a Kata competition. And you can`t change the form, and develop a new style to impress the world, you must stick to the pattern, and deliver the inheritance of Karate!

Photo:Jarle Røine. / Chalita Andersson

We collected a handful of some really good Kata achievements, and most of the ones we see are among Europe’s best! The margins are very small, and small mistakes can make a big difference.

EC 2013 Luzern, Women Kata 2nd round – Christina Petersen, Denmark

EC 2011 Vilnius, Women Kata – Diana Mačiūtė, Lithuania

Danish Open 2016, Alicia Edin and Chalita Andersson Sweden.

EC 2017 Denmark,  An Driesens-Polimeno, Belgium.

Kagami Biraki 2015, Emi Shoguchi, Japan WKO Shinkyokushin Youtube channel