Valeri Dimitrov vs World Champions

WKO Shinkyokushinkai do have some of the fines and skilled fighters that is. And from time to another we do get a really high profiled meeting at the tatemi. We have set up four fighters that all together have captured: 4 World Championship titles, and five World Cup titles!! The angle we used this time was Valeri Dimitrov vs World Champions:


  • Norichika Tsukamoto : World Champion 6th and 10th, Champion 1st World Cup.
  • Takayuki Tsukakoshi : World Champion 9th, Champion 3rd World Cup
  • Yuji Shimamoto : World Champion 11th
  • Valeri Dimitrov : Champion 5th, 4th and 3rd World Cup.

Some really great fights coming up,  and the first one from 2003 World Championship..

Second fight we show, World Championship 2011 (Video source WKO Shinkyokushin)

3rd fight, 4th World Cup 2009 Russia

Last one out, World Championship 2011 (Video source WKO Shinkyokushin)