Agata Kaliciak, Poland

Agata2015Agata Winiarska (Kaliciak), Poland.

Among the best female fighters in the heavyweight category in Europe. Good all round fighting style with strong punching and punishing Mae geri`s,has been some of the skills that has brought the Polish fighter on the EC podium several times. EC in 2013,14 and 3rd place 2015. Open weight EC 3rd place 2014. 3rd in the EC 2016/18 and European Champion KWU 2016! World Champion IFK and KWU 2017 runner up in 2019! Captured the top spot EC Shin 2019, 2nd in 2021.

Below you will find a documentary of Agata Kaliciak and the team around her. A short summary in English done by Wujek Stryjek : In 2010 Agata was demolished by Edit Abraham [she talks about it – the part which is black and white]. Then in 2012 in Belgium they met again and this time Agata put up a decent fight, and lost by a decision 3:2. After a long year of training they met for the third time in 2013, and this time Agata won by a TKO and moved on to the final fight, winning her first silver medal at a European Tournament. [In the meantime she won 4 national championships in a row].

Further amazing tournament record can be seen here.  Other links: