“You can break my bones but you can’t break my spirit”

kaz_rus“you can break my bones but you can’t break my spirit”

This is just a saying from a another context, but we thought that in this case it would fit in just fine…

Nazar Nasirov, /Russia & Vladimir Artyushin, /Kazakhstan. Recently meet in the final of Swiss Open.


Nasirov and Artyushin are both well known fighters for the most of us. Young up and coming fighters with a growing record to be seen. Booth World Championship contenders and both also qualified to the World Cup in Lithuania 2013. And there will this article start…

Nazar Nasirov injured his knee in the fight against Kosei Ochiai / Japan. And for all the fans sitting ringside it was certainly painful to see the young fighter still tried to fight – but the leg would not bear him.

nazir_stA knee injury is a complicate injury, and it is a scary feeling when you come to that point not to trust your own body. It can feel okay, put weight on..move around.. then suddenly smack! It`s popping out again!

Knee surgery do not always goes well either, and it need  a huge focus to build the leg up again, and last but not least : you must be patient..But with the top skilled doctors and a good trained body before the injury, you will raise your chance.

←Nazar Nasirovhad medical treatment at a hospital in Osaka, with proffesional supervision of Hideharu Iwata


nazir_hTherefore, to see Nazar Nasirov being on top of this, doing his comeback and leaving no doubt about that he has fully recovered after his injury gives us all a good feeling and once again kyokushin spirit. (to be mention that Nazar Nasirov`s first comeback at the international arena, was at the Mas Oyama Memorial Tournament in Hungary last year. Ended at third place, loosing to the great Kazuhito Yamada / Japan)


His opponent in Swiss Open, Vladimir Artyushin, on its part also went through something similar. He suffered a serious injury in the form of a broken bone in his participation in the 45th All Japan Open Karate Tournament.

Looking at this video, we can just image the pain when a tough, hard fighter scream out and can not help it. Thankfully,so few people get injuries despite that this is a very hard style. If we compare with handball and soccer, we are in a completely different statistics. And it is on the positive side.

Vladimir_Artyushin_GoKusubaeVladimir Artyushin was after the injury sent to hospital i Tokyo. In his hospital stay, we all could read about how the WKO Shinkyokushinkai family care for their members. Several of the Shin-karatekas paid their visit, and wished Vladimir Artyushin good recovery.

Vladimir Artyushin and Go Kusubae.



vawAfter some days at the hospital Vladimir Artyushin left Japan and vent back to Kazakhstan to complete his medical treatment and start training slowly again. For him began the long process building and healing toward new goals. And as said this means hard work with the injured part of your body, but also the mental part will get its test.

←Photo from WKO Shinkyokushinkai facebook site. Click the picture and read what was written during this moment.


The trained seemed to went very well! And Vladimir Artyushin has done his comeback on the tatemi. He has all ready showed several times after his comeback that he is back here he left – and then some! The recover after a injury you also grow and get experience.

15gode04We mention Nazar Nasirov, and that he entered the international stage in Mas Oyama memorial in Hungary after his injury. Vladimir Artyushin has also been very active after his comeback, and he has several good tournament result all ready this year. Some of the in Kazakhstan (where the level are very good) and some international.


↑Not long of go, this spring, Vladimir Artyushin entered the European Open Tournament KWF, France. (note this is not European Championship KWF) Together with several other fighter from Kazakhstan , Vladimir Artyushin “cleaned the table” in this tournament and no one could stop him to be number one. In Swiss Open he also knocked out World IBK Champion Sacha Décosterd in a spectacular way. (video fight at 1:04:00)

swissopencahmp2015Nazar Nasirov manage to beat Vladimir Artyushin in this tournament,Swiss Open, close race but winner. He also manage not only winning the tournament, but he took best fighter / tequnice award and also theTameshiwari award with 18 boards! On his way to the final Nazar Nasirov won against Andrius Draugelis / Lithuania – two times European Champion Super Heavy Weight 2013/14 and runner up in European Championship Open Weight 2014..This will be fighters for the future, and it will be very interesting to see how far those two will reach. Thinking of that, we can all ready say they have reached longer than the most of us..!